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Every generation has great counselors when it comes to matters of the heart. The Victorians had to Jane Austen who began a silent change in the woman mused about what you want and can have. Half of the last century had writers like Garcia Marquez and Julio Cortazar taught us that love goes beyond the possible. Today, we are at a crossroads, popular literature talks a lot about love, but what love really is we want to learn ?. The best sellers do little more than give ideas and notions in which few believe. No, the most honest and raw lessons, from which we can learn more love currently in the television series.

Master of None

Aziz Ansari series shows what it means to be young and single in New York. Yes, he did "Friends" and "How I Met Your Mother" but this series could not have existed before Netflix. Slowly and with characteristic humor too, maybe if you had to wait to see one episode per week and at a certain time, you would not. Now you can see the entire season; start with three chapters in which Ansari will show what it is to see your friends married to have children, the momentary relationship you can have with someone who was a "one night stand" and understand that it is a great series, then decide if you want to see three other episodes in which you will learn all about a truly fun first date and continue that way. "Master of None" focuses on the small details to give to understand that that's what turns people and relationships.


It seems that the series is about an odd couple, a shy and reserved man who meets a woman with mouth hats and worse than devil's temper, but the truth is much more complicated (for complicated I mean real). Here we had the good characters that the creator Judd Apatow and know we had used a "good" character who behaves like a real person: commits error after error to try to be with the person you want. Then there is the protagonist Mickey, who seizes every scene in which he appears. She, her addictions and existential questions make it someone anyone can feel identified. All commit mistakes and always weep in doing so, this series shows reality while trying to move forward.

You’re the Worst

Often the series show good character falling in love with someone who is not worth it. Here the protagonists are not worth it. An Englishman who wrote a book after his last relationship known at the wedding of his former girlfriend, a publicist who sleeps with him to have something to do at night. Gradually, as happens to many couples, sex becomes something else and decide to give love a chance. Here's how pass something as banal as public and sex to something as intimate as a date night. "You're the Worst" is the portrait of what the Tinder generation understood as love


The series works in two ways. You may want to learn to love seeing larger people suffering and trying to make their marriages or engagements work, but also might want to see that even your parents' generation knows how to deal with love so many years after meeting him. After the "happily ever after", only missing the rest of life and "togetherness" shows what happens when the years have run since the new and exciting ended; the time in which you have attached both to a person who appears to no longer surprises and maybe even love, but despite that you refuse to stay away from there.

Happy Endings

Although they were few seasons which lasted, the series has been acclaimed for portraying perfectly what it means to love in different stages of a relationship. From the beginning where everything is perfect, past the time when the routine seems to say they are perfect as they are, to the identity crisis that often end with love. Through different partners can identify with what you live, you lived or live; Whether for good or ill. Besides being one of the few series that dared to break sexual taboos in prime time television, the mood was impeccable and still remain hopeful the series count on new life through streaming,


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