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When you are a horror fan there is a lot of annoying things that you hear people say;

"I don't like scary movies." (I don't like your wh*re of a sister Susan, but I keep my opinions to myself)

"They aren't very realistic." (OK, and your pitiful dreams are?)

"They are all the same." (Like your horrible selfies....)

"You must like watching people die." (I will not confirm nor deny this one)

"Wow, you're weird." (Wow! Look at all the f*cks I have to give!)

As a woman of few hobbies and probably too much time on her hands, I'm going to break this down for you kiddos. Why horror? Oh I will tell you why. Sit tight b*tches, let's do this.

Why do people watch movies? To laugh? to cry? to say, "awwwwwe I want someone to love me like that!" Well spoiler: no one ever will. I believe that people watch movies to forget who they are for a little while. To feel all of your emotions, to experience the ones you may never have the pleasure to in your regular nine-to-five life. To touch upon taboo. A great movie is more than just something for your enjoyment. It's is an audio and visual piece of art. An escape into all your most primal emotions, anywhere in this multiverse.

One of my favorite questions that the most mundane of people ask me is, "Don't you ever get bored of watching the same kind of movies all the time?" No you filthy mouth breather, I don't. Horror is not just one genre. Horror consists of many sub-genres. Like rock music. Maybe I want a campy slasher flick, maybe I want a spooky ghost story. You don’t know my life. Oh hell, then there's even romance horror, comedy horror, sci-fi, true crime, found footage, anthology, monster movies, docu-dramas, suspense, revenge, etc. Moving on.

Now, of course not all movies are realistic. Especially horror. I know this. I am not stupid. I know that if my house is haunted I am not calling a f*cking priest. I am also well aware that in the real world, the virgins would probably die first and I can’t punch a ghost in the face. Makes for good cinema though. However when it comes to realism there is something that horror has over all other less worthy genres, the deepest, truest manifestation of the human psyche. There is nothing too dark, too intimate, or too controversial to be in a horror movie. That is an honesty I can appreciate. *If you find you have a ghost problem please contact the Winchester brothers for further assistance.

I was talking with a friend one day. She was more of my doctor really. I guess you could call her my therapist, (but I don’t like to label people). Well, my “friend” asked me if I had any hobbies. Of course I have hobbies you judgmental b*tch, I love horror movies. I can only assume she was taken back by the fact that the ten year old little girl sitting in the chair in front of her was interested solely in serial killers and horror movies. That was the first of many times I was asked, “What is it that you like about horror? Do you like watching people die? Does that satisfy you?” Now I will admit, as a horror fan we tend to find ourselves far more infatuated with the antagonist, and who doesn’t love a great death scene, but no, that is not usually what appeals the most to a horror fan. It’s the beauty. There is a deep and profound beauty that lies in fear. It’s more than just your adrenaline racing, or laughing about the cheap scare scenes with your cheap ass date while he tries to get into your zipper, (Seriously Brian, I will punch you in the f*cking d*ck if you touch me while the movie is on), no, it is much more than that. And if you are an empathetic soul, the raw honesty of someone begging for their life, witnessing mortality, the overwhelming panic you can feel for someone else is intoxicating. I love horror because the sadness and the fear is far more beautiful and poetic than anything else.

Maybe it is weird to be obsessed with horror. Fine, say what you will. We are all entitled to our opinions. I think it’s weird that people spend more time taking selfies than reading, but that’s just the foul f*cking world we live in. Weird is unique, and unique, is beautiful. Horror captures all of our emotions, even the ones we are too ashamed to admit to ourselves. I find that beautiful.


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