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i watch a lot of superhero shows and i love them mainly arriw and daredevil

Ok so arrow and the flash emded about a week or two ago and now its time to specylate whats gonna happen on the rest of the season.


Now that damien darhk has lost his powers amd felicity left oliver whats gonna happen next for starters do you really think ues just gonna lose his powers like that let alone how will the rest of the season go now. I personally think he didn't lose his powers and just lost them for a short time could i be wrong yea. But he also had that totem in the base as we saw a lot this season so unless he brought it home for some reason he could have had two of them. Next a lot of you are probably thinking okay an olicity post cool or not cool well im just gonna say this they could get back together towards the last couple episodes of the season or oliver could hook up with laurel and get that going again or someone else entirely.

The flash

So know that jay or hunter zolomon is zoom what vould this mean for the rest of the team well the only people ot would affect a lot is barry and Caitlyn. I know what about cisco or harry? Well i think jay and cisco didnt talk enough and harry and jay just didnt like each other. But Caitlyn was in love with him this could do anything it could bring her to the point of killer frost or bring her up to the point where she moved on. For barry its like losing another mentor after all he taught him how to throw lighting. So thats all i got let me know what you think in the comments below.


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