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*Warning: this post is going to contain spoilers for the most recent episode of Bates Motel. If you haven't seen it then be careful to continue reading.*

Bates Motel just brought in season 4 last night, March 7th with the episode titled "A Danger to Himself and Others." This episode follows immediately after the occurrences of the season 3 finale, where Norman ends up killing Bradley or well "Norma" kills Bradley.

Norman's mother and brother are trying to find him because he wondered off without their knowledge. Norman is found and brought into a hospital and kept in the terrible psychiatric ward. Norma and Dylan are notified about this, but Dylan ends up going to Portland, instead to be with Emma since she is getting her lung transplant, finally. When he is there in the waiting area, Emma's mother, Audrey, arrives and isn't warmly welcomed by her father. She leaves the hospital and goes to the motel and finally meets Norma. She tried to connect again to Emma through Norma and then through Norman but Norma makes it clear that she will not help her and she needs to stay away from Norman.

Norman is released the next day, but Norma is commanded to get him with a good doctor or he will be brought back to the psychiatric ward under Doctor Louise Palma's care. In the end of this episode we get to see Norman is full Psycho mode. Emma's mother, against Norma's command, goes to the house and meets up with Norman dressed in his mother's robe, thinking he's his mother. Audrey tries to talk to Norman about Emma but things turn bad as Norman ends up strangling her to death in anger over her being such a bad mother to her daughter.

Seeing Norman in that episode and the later half of season three made me realize 3 things that will be happening this season.

1. We should be seeing a lot more deaths this season.

In season one, I think most people liked Norman and he still had some innocence. Season two, had a lot to do with Norma and her problems she causes, but we saw Norman being more normal and sensible, recognize something was wrong with him. Season three, last season, we saw Norman start to slowly lose it more then ever and change for the worst for everybody's sake. He did what he wanted and he challenged Norma more (which I think no one really minded).

Well, as of this season, I think that we will be seeing his crazy in full effect. There has been so much build up to it and season 3's finale was like the release button. So, this season is introducing us to the first layer of it all.

2. The authenticity of Dylan and Emma's affection will be tested.

Dylan and Emma's relationship will either build or break this season. I personally love the two of them together. I see how much they actually need each other. Dylan's family is insane and he doesn't really have friends, so Emma is the decent, honest, and normal person he hasn't had much experience with in life. Emma doesn't really have friends either and she needs the extra support and care in her life since she's facing her illness and has her own scars, so Dylan can be the strength, the relief, and extra support she needs.

Since this season started off with Emma getting the lung transplant, she will have to take some time to heal and cooperate. This can either go great or it can go bad. This will test Dylan, showing how much of a man he is for her and how serious he is about being with her, If he can help her and be there for her. It's a test to Emma because it will be a hard time for her and if she'll be having Dylan there , who knows if she will try to push him away or hold him closer. I sure hope they last!

3. There will be a love triangle between Romero, Norma, and Norman.

Yes that sounds a little disturbing, that somehow a mother and son will be involved in a love triangle, but that's the best way for me to describe it. This is Norma and Norman Bates I'm talking about here anyway.

It looks like finally, in this season, Sheriff Romero and Norma will be getting together based on the quick look into the new season. If we have Norman losing his mind more and Norma and Romero "together" things are bound to get extra crazy and challenging.

It's hard to believe that Norma will separate from Norman, especially at this time with him needing the extra help from a doctor and the support he'll need from that. However, if she does happen to fall in love with Romero and distance herself from Norman, Norman will hate this and hold anger towards his mother and Romero. It's likely that Romero and Norman will eventually have a show down, either for direct problems towards each other or because of how Norman will treat and act towards his mother or for both reasons.

Now I could be completely wrong about my speculations, after all it is just speculation, but this is the direction I see things going. I am really looking forward to Monday nights now since after a very long wait, this series is finally back. Things are going to crazier and better.

Let me know in the comments below, about your own theories and speculation about what's going to happen on this season of Bates Motel


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