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With a prolific first season of Heroes, the show never really seemed to live up to its promise throughout the remainder of the show. Although, there was enough demand to bring the property back with Heroes Reborn, but even this new attempt is struggling to maintain viewership. It was maybe just a better concept, but either way, most of the original cast is still finding work in the industry. So, now that it has been nearly 10 years from the original air date, let's see what these pseudo superheroes are up to these days.

Hayden Panettiere

"Save the cheerleader, save the world." Whether it was by design, or she simply stunned audiences with her mature delivery and badass power, Hayden Panettiere truly became the focal point of the show. Since the end of the original run, Hayden has mainly lent her voice to animated features such as Alpha & Omega, and starred on the wildly popular Nashville. They do mention her character on the new Heroes Reborn, but she has yet to return to the series as a cast member. She still looks vibrant and young, but also seems like she might have had some work done.

Zachary Quinto

Sylar is one of the main reasons why the first season of Heroes was so incredible. Zachary Quinto's subtle mannerisms and fearless attitude allowed for every scene with him in it to be wonderfully unsettling. Now Zachary stars as Spock in the reborn Star Trek franchise, and was a main player on the network mini series, The Slap. He also has not made a return to the series, or expressed any interest in at least a cameo. Not much has changed in his look, although he was rocking the short hair and beard for a while.

Milo Ventimiglia

With one of the most mysterious and unique powers imaginable, Peter Petrelli seemed like he was going to revolutionize the idea of a superhero, but again, it just never played out. Milo Ventimiglia has since had a pretty mild career, making friends with Marvel's animated team, appearing on Gotham, and also taking roles in a few Happy Maddison films. He is another one that does not seem interested in returning to the series, but who could blame them? And although he may like to change up his look every so often, he probably at some point took a drink from the fountain of youth.

Masi Oka

From the moment Hiro Nakamura yelled "YATTA!!!" after completely stopping time, he was by far the fan favorite. Also, Masi Oka is one of the cast members that did return to Heroes Reborn, but only shows up sparingly. He was able to land roles in Get Smart, and Jobs, plus has been on Hawaii Five-0 for a while now. You can definitely see a little bit of age on him, but the man is still a genius!

Jack Coleman

Best known as the cheerleader's dad on Heroes, the character Noah Bennet might as well be the glue for the entire series. Jack Coleman also came back to Heroes Reborn with the biggest role out of the returning cast. In the meantime between the series rebirth, Coleman bounced around with TV spots on The Office, Burn Notice, Scandal, Castle, and regularly plays Dr. Strange for Marvel's animated projects. Although you can see a little wear and tear, he still just has that classic principal look.

Ali Larter

Niki, Jessica, Tracy or whatever her character name ended up on the show had either a superpower, or just an extreme multiple personality disorder. Ali Larter did a nice job of distinguishing characters, and also brought a little bit of extra something something for appeal. She has not returned to the series, but she has been a big player in the Resident Evil franchise, and has an ongoing part on the TV series Legends. She may have the most drastic change in look, probably due to the hair color change (otherwise, she's still looking pretty on point).

Greg Grunberg

Officer Matt Parker was not the typical wannabe detective, he could actually hear your thoughts. Greg Grunberg kept this power alive when he returned to Heroes Reborn in order to find Claire, the cheerleader. You might also recognize him if you went to Star Wars VII a half dozen times because he got to play the decent sized role of Snap Wexley. As of now, he starting to look a little grey, but not much else has changed.

Adrian Pasdar

Nathan Petrelli, brother of Peter, was a politician who feared the changes that were happening to everyone (including himself). Adrian Pasdar magnificently toed the line of hero and villain throughout his run on the show, but also decided not to return to the series. Since then, he has made good friends with Marvel (which seems like a running theme) starring as Tony Stark on the animated show Avengers Assemble, and having a reoccurring role on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. He is another one that seems relatively unscathed by the time jump, the Petrelli must have good genes.

Noah Gray-Cabey

Micah Sanders was the young little technopath and son of Ali Larter's character. Being the youngest of the cast for a while, Noah Gray-Cabey impressed viewers with his broad emotional range. After the original run he acted sparingly, but used Heroes Reborn as a way to get reinvigorate his career. He also doesn't quite look like the curly headed kid he used to be.

Sendhil Ramamurtny

The true center of the show is the geneticist/parapsychologist Mohinder Suresh, who is constantly pursuing the reason behind these incredible abilities. However, as Sendhil Ramamurthy returned to the Heroes Reborn, it seemed that he would be in a more villainous role. Over the gap he had medium success on TV with Covert Affairs and Beauty and the Beast, but nothing stuck. As far as his look, he's looking in a 10 year mirror.


Which original 'Heroes' cast member were you most surprised by after 10 years?


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