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Both known and forgotten horror films of the 20th Century
Janna Dk MacDonald-Walsh

So, this took me a while to get to because of how fast it was pulled from theatres where I live. I'm going to start the review by saying I can't believe this is a box-office bomb, this was truly an awesome parody film of Pride and Prejudice! I haven't read the book yet, but I must say after seeing the film, I will be making an investment into buying it. The story is almost exactly the same as the classic story Pride and Prejudice, except everyone is now trained in some sort of martial arts to combat zombies. Elizabeth Bennett is played by Lily James, and Mr. Darcy is played by Sam Riley; their chemistry is just as electric as ever, as they play a game of prideful judgements and misunderstandings. The zombie make-up and special effects were just as awesome, if not better, than most horror films that have come out in the past couple of years.The whole film itself is non-stop romance, passion, and zombies, which in my opinion makes it amazing! Sadly, I doubt there will be any follow up to this film because of the failure to bring back it's revenue. Why it became a box-office failure can attributed to a lack of promotion, or possibly a want to preserve the original story. Either way, I found it to be a very entertaining parody film, and my hope is that film will do better home video market. If you have the chance, and you are a zombie fan (or even a Pride and Prejudice fan), please go check it out.


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