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There comes a time in our lives where we wonder what we're doing on this planet and contemplating our purpose. At the very least I know I have been there in my life. On the route to find myself, I stumbled across Russell Brand. You don't hear much about Russell anymore, you heard more about his relationship with Katy Perry than anything else. Would you be surprised to find he is doing far better things than the usual superstars? I'd say he's changing lives!

Russell Brand was such a huge comedian that almost everyone loved him. He also starred in the movie Get Him To The Greek with Jonah Hill but the resemblance to his real life circumstances were unbelievable. Russell Brand had his problems in the past such as being a drug addict and also a sex addict, which happened to ruin a lot of things for him including his marriage to Katy Perry.

In his attempts to get better he turned to being a spiritualist, and showing people what it is truly like to be awake. There is a video shown below that I feel everyone should see. He talks about things that are out of this world, we can not understand because of the manipulation of media or our thoughts of true beauty. First I'd like to put some quotes from the video that are my personal favorites.

Anything we're describing through science, we're describing through the prism of the five limited senses. Our eyes can only see between infrared light and ultraviolet light. There's light bouncing around everywhere. Our ears can only hear a tiny decibel range, we can't hear the noise of a dog whistle, cant hear any high pitch frequency sounds. Isn't it likely then that there are other vibrations, frequencies, energies, conciseness, moving through the universe?

It's things like this that make you believe that he knows something more about this world that isn't to our understanding. Some people may think he is a bit crazy, blaming it on his drug use, though I believe wholeheartedly that he is awake. There is just one more quote I find relevant to put in here, and he speaks of the trends for this generation.

They want you to be talking about Justin Bieber, they want you to be talking about twerking, they don't want you to be talking about fracking, they want you talking about twerking. They want to get you to "shut your fucking mouths and watch this shit you fucking morons" and I know because I've been a part of the charade. But, you know...I'm awake now.

Now if there is one thing that is true right now it is that we all rely on our phones to give us information. We would rather look things up than to experience life's beauty with our own eyes. I find Russell very inspirational and absolutely amazing. I didn't know he was this in tune with himself. There is more where that came from, watch the video below to see for yourself. I hope you enjoy his awareness as much as I did.


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