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In recent months, the world has been obsessed with transgender reality star Caitlyn Jenner, yet she isn't the only high-profile person to make the difficult decision to publicly announce their transition. The dynamic directing duo behind the classic 1999 film The Matrix were known as the Wachowski brothers, but that all changed about four years ago when Lana Wachowski, formerly Larry, came out as a transgender woman.

Years later, it has just been revealed that Lana's brother Andy has also taken steps to become outwardly female and now goes by the name Lilly.

Introducing Lilly Wachowski

Although her sister made the transition several years prior, the younger Wachowski sibling did not have any set plans to reveal her transition to the world, but was being threatened by various media outlets, according to Windy City Times, a Chicago-based newspaper dedicated to serving the LGBTQIA+ community. In a statement made to Windy City Times, Lilly stated that she'd feared being outed for about a year now. Exactly when she made the decision to fully transition is unclear at this time. She had no plans to announce her transition, but says:

"I just wanted—needed some time to get my head right, to feel comfortable. But apparently I don't get to decide this."

Part of the reason Lilly did not officially announce her transition to the world sooner has to do with the fact that she and her sister Lana "find talking about [our] art frustratingly tedious and talking about [ourselves] a wholly mortifying experience."

Lana and Andy Wachowski prior to Lilly's transition
Lana and Andy Wachowski prior to Lilly's transition

However, Lilly has been living as an out transgender woman for about a year now, according to Variety. Hiding that fact from various tabloids and news outlets has been difficult and stressful, particularly when a reporter from the UK's Daily Mail showed up on Lilly's doorstep, thus pushing the story out sooner than she would have liked. Ultimately, her story has served as inspiration to other transgender people.

To read Lilly Wachowski's full statement regarding her transition, please click here.

Lana's Transition

Although Lana came out as transgender several years before her sister, rumors about Lana's gender identity had long surrounded the siblings. As early as 2000, rumors that Lana was making the transition to womanhood had started to come about. However, they were claimed as completely false by a spokesperson for the director. It wasn't until the release of 2008's Speed Racer that Rovi reported that Lana had completed her transition. Her first public appearance wouldn't come for another four years, when the duo began marketing their 2012 film Cloud Atlas.

What This Means For The Entertainment World

Despite making the transition being a big day for transgendered people everywhere, as another high-profile celebrity makes the transition, the duo have made history yet again. Back when Lana announced she was transgendered, she was the first Hollywood director to be openly trans. And now, Lilly and Lana are among the very few siblings to have both made the transition.

Though best known for creating the Matrix franchise, the Wachowskis began their careers in the entertainment world as writers for Marvel Comics' Razorline imprint. They branched out into the film industry by writing the film Assassins and sold the script to Warner Bros. Studios with a three-picture deal. The script was reworked by Brian Helgeland and the Wachowskis tried to remove their names from the project. The next film they wrote for Warner Bros. was the critically acclaimed neo-noir film Bound. Check out the trailer:

Following the success of Bound, the Wachowskis sought to direct their next script, which would be called The Matrix. After their acclaimed work on the Matrix franchise, the Wachowskis wrote the script for the comic book adaptation V For Vendetta (2006) and returned to directing for Speed Racer (2008) and Cloud Atlas. They also wrote the three-hour spec scripts for the highly acclaimed Netflix Original Series Sense8.

Lilly Wachowski after her transition
Lilly Wachowski after her transition

Today marks a big day for the Wachowski sisters, as Lilly joins Lana after both transitioning. It also marks a big day for the transgender community as another celebrity joins the ever-growing circle, furthering compassion and understanding. It will be interesting to see what the sisters have planned next.


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