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Good ole Matt Lieberman.

The lead nerd of so many nerds has done it again. This time, he's geeked out about The Walking Dead, and the results are pretty depressing. Here's his video outlining his findings about the population of earth in TWD-land:

Long story short? Less than 400,000 humans are left after the zompocalypse.

His number comes from research starting with when Kirkman said in issue #10 of TWD that zombies outnumber humans 5,000 to 1. That makes the number of living humans slightly less that 1.4 million at the start of the TWD world. Using the show's survivors as a sample group, the number alive as of now is 382,885, give or take a few Ricks, Eugenes, Governors and Negans.

That's the number alive on the planet, folks.

Now, let's take this a step further.

Another number taken from and article on the site is 6,986,951,000 at the end of 2011, the number of hoomans left on the erf. That brings the total population of the earth to 0.00548% of what it was.

Let that sink in for a moment.

So let's apply that to some big ass cities.

New York City

Population before the end




Think of how great the traffic would be!

L.A. (came in at the 2nd most populated city in 2010)


3,792,621 people



These numbers are rounded up...not like it really matters, but they are.


Before, a whopping 33,200,000 (in 2007)



And that's assuming they had some Japanese Rick Grimeses to lead them through it all.

If you think about it, any city with a population of 18,248.175 or less, which is a LOT of cities, would, using that percentage of survivors, not have one stinking person left.

I know, there's always gonna be a Daryl that emerges from a cubicle or a Negan that stops selling used cars and becomes a psychotic leader, but that's still some pretty heavy stuff!

Want to find out how many folks are left in your town? Just open up the ever handy Windows calculator, and take your population times 0.0000548. Then, go out and stock up on toilet paper...stat!


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