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It's been a big season of The Flash for Cisco Ramon: he's been working with Harrison Wells, revealing his metahuman abilities to the rest of Team Flash, honing his vibing skills, and travelling to Earth-2 to meet his evil doppelganger, Reverb. Amongst all this, he's had romances with Golden Glider and Hawkgirl (and now there's a potential flirtation with Jesse Wells on the table).

Now some new set photos suggest that Cisco is going to be front and center in an upcoming episode featuring his brother.

The photos, taken by Canadagraphs, show a new character suited up with a cape and sickle-style weapon, wearing a red and white jacket. Presumably another metahuman, fans online were quick to suggest that this may be Rupture, aka Armando Ramon.

In the comics, Armando/Rupture (also known as Hardline) has powers very similar to Cisco's. He ended up in a street gang, but became a superhero after Vibe was killed, in order to honor his brother's memory. He and Cisco also have a third brother, Dante.

We've actually already met Dante in The Flash, back in the Season One episode 'Rogue Time', when Cisco and Caitlin attended Dante's birthday party. We learned that Dante was a bit of an arrogant brat, and that despite being a genius, Cisco could never compete with his piano prodigy brother. No third brother was mentioned in the episode, but that in no way rules out his existence.

How Will Rupture Appear?

Armando could appear in a similar fashion to Wally West - a brother to Cisco and Dante who was not brought up with them. This could also explain why Cisco is a scientist, Dante is a pianist, and Armando is a criminal. Or, conversely, Armando could have been raised with the other two, but after turning to a life of crime, the Ramon family simply doesn't talk about him any more.

Other options include the possibility of an Earth-2 brother. Another name that Rupture uses is Reverb, and we met Reverb on Earth-2 as Cisco's doppleganger. It looked like Zoom killed Reverb, but death in the comic book world is never a certainty, and Reverb could be back with a new look. Rupture could also be an Earth-2 version of Dante, come to Earth-1 to seek revenge for Reverb's death.

Finally, the CW writers could roll Dante and Armando into one, giving Dante vibe powers and the name Rupture. It seems somewhat unlikely that they would do this, simply because we've already met Dante post-explosion and he seemed to be power-free, but it's still a possibility. Bringing Dante back as a bad guy would also be a fantastic way to further explore his relationship with Cisco.

What Else Is Coming Up?

We don't know exactly when Rupture will be making an appearance, or indeed if this is actually him. We can fairly confidently assume that this is Rupture is some shape or form because of the similarities in costume and because he looks to be attacking Cisco, but this hasn't been confirmed by anyone official.

All we do know is that when The Flash returns, we will see a breach open up between Earths again (IMDB suggests that this will happen in episode 17, 'Flashback') so that Team Flash can get back to battling Zoom. We'll also find out who the man in the iron mask is, and undoubtedly start the build up to Season Two's boss battle. Chances are that if the man in these photos is Rupture, he will appear as one of the minor metahuman bad guys that Flash & Co take down within an episode or two. We'll just have to wait and find out!

The Flash season 2 returns on March 22nd.

Can't wait till then? Check out the trailer for the next episode: Trajectory! Let us know what you think in the comments.


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