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I Just Choose To Leave My Super Suit At Home And Let Barry Allen Take All The Fame And Glory
Tyvon J. Hunter

Okay so if your reading this then you obviously put down the controller for a little snack break while you wait for the hot pocket to finish in the microwave so you decide to do some reading. So lets talk about video games, the things we all know and love to play for hours at a time.

There are a 4 Levels of Gamers, so lets figure out where you stand...

-LEVEL 1, We have what I like to call The "Show Off" Gamer. This type of gamer owns games but never plays them, they are basically paying for a dust collector because they only play when they are in the mood and that is like once every blue moon. There "Gamerooms" have a tendency to look like this

TOOO Many Game Systems, Not Enough Extension Cords lol. Who Are They Tryna Fool Here, cause its not us, don't get me wrong, its a nice thought but who really has this much time to play all these games....... Don't Worry, Ill Wait For Your Answer.

While I wait, Ill tell you about LEVEL 2, also known as The "Casual" Gamer. This is where most of us fall, about 75% of gamers, play Call of Duty with some friends after work, play a few games of 2k with ya homie, game night with the family or friends, etc etc etc

Next up, is Level 3, and we have The "Elite" Gamers. Typically these type of players are friends with others that match their awesomeness, never less. They don't join lame clans but instead they start them and I'm not talking those lame clans you see during Clan Wars on COD, I'm talking about those clans that come into a lobby and make other clans leave because they are scared to ruin their K/D ratio. These type of gamers are cool but they don't know when to stop and take a break lol.

Like R E A L L Y Bruh, 500 Straight DAYS????? Unacceptable lol, someone help this man put that on your resume cause that will go under DETERMINATION!

And lastly, we have Level 4, you can just call them The GODs of Gaming. This group of gamers are OFFICIAL, they have shirts, and sponsors, get paid, play in tournaments and compete on MLG because they are that bomb like you and the guys don't need to go up against them, this takes HOURS of skill perfecting and should only be left to the pros.

So now that you have the level of gamers, WHICH ONE ARE YOU ?

Get Back To Playing The Game, Don't Stop Until You Level Up!


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