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Don't live life according to how people think of you. Live it your own way, or it's not worth living for.
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1.The Bathroom fights early in the morning. You snooze, you definitely lose.

-Here is a bathroom with two of everything. Who created such a beauty?

2.The Front Seat

-If you've ever argued about who gets the front seat, you know it's ultimately up to your mom...

3.Sharing a room

-At some point, if you're unlucky, you had to share a room. Remember the good old days when you screamed at each other to get out?

4.They have access to all of your darkest secrets.

-Even if you don't keep a diary, they will get the information they need

5.They copy you

-I cannot stress this enough. It's a little cute at first. But after that, you just want to rip their head off. They look happy now, but later I think one will kill the other with a hair dryer.

6.Tag alongs

-I hate this so much. Whenever you want to hang out with your friends, your 7 year old sister barges in and starts listening to your conversation like it's no big deal.

7.Steal your stuff

-They sneak into your/both room and steal whatever they feel like they want. And what's even worse, they don't care if it gets ruined or not. Extra hate points for those little kids who ruin stuff on purpose just because they're cute.

8.The T.V.

-Fighting over the remote was one of the worst things. But looking back on it, it was funny how you would block the thing that changes the channels. :)


-It was a calm day until your mom asks what you want to eat. You and your sibling turn into ninjas and immediately start to argue. It was a miracle if you ever agreed.

10.Last but not least, you get blamed even when you're innocent

-This is terrible except when you're the one doing the blaming and coming up with a alibi

Thanks for reading my article! I hope you found it somewhat funny or interesting. And I shame those of you who claim they want siblings. Just kidding lol :)


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