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Last week, the trailer for the long awaited Ghostbusters hit the web, and the movie looks very exciting - but not everyone thinks so. Many are complaining that the movie is changing things too much by gender-bending the entire cast. Instead of the Ghostbusters all being men, they are all now women. It's a fun change, but not everyone is enjoying it.

When the movie was first announced to have an all female cast, there was talk of another Ghostbusters reboot to come out later starring an all male cast. Channing Tatum was rumored to lead this film. Unfortunately, this reboot was dropped. But what if they bring it back? Though I'm not hoping Channing Tatum will return with the project, there are many comedy actors today who could easily nail becoming Ghosbusters.

Check out the potential cast below:

Ashton Kutcher - The Leader

As a very well known actor, Ashton Kutcher could easily bring some much needed star power to this potential reboot. Though he has been in many drama movies like The Butterfly Effect and Jobs, Kutcher's roots lie in comedy. This cross between comedy and drama is exactly what we need for the leader of the group so he can bring humor while still being taken seriously.

Kutcher's role would be like those of Bill Murray and Melissa McCarthy - he will be the leader of the team who may not be the smartest, but he knows how to get things done while still carrying a bit of knowledge with him. Kutcher is a fantastic actor and if this movie does happen, I sincerely hope they choose him over Channing Tatum.

Jonah Hill - The Book-Smart One

Jonah Hill is a very talented actor who is best known for his roles in comedy movies. Outside of comedy, Hill has had a few drama roles - the most notable being in The Wolf of Wall Street. Jonah Hill's 'smart' cliche as an actor could easily get him to play the book-smart member of the Ghostbusters team, similar to the characters played by Dan Aykroyd and Kristen Wiig.

Like Aykroyd, I could really see Hill being able to nag on the side about how to do things right, while not being the biggest geek on the team. In addition, Hill's characters tend to take more of a leadership position during movies, which is exactly what the 'book smart' Ghosbusters member needs to be able to do.

Jay Baruchel - The Geeky Engineer

Though Jonah Hill may be playing the book smart character, Jay Baruchel will be the best actor for the 'geeky engineer' team member. Like the characters of Harold Ramis and Kate McKinnon, Jay Baruchel's character will be the brains behind the Ghosbusters tech.

Though he may not have the deep voice like Harold Ramis, Baruchel brings in the perfect amount of geekiness to be the tech genius behind the team's equipment. In addition, Baruchel's lack of confidence could really add banter with the other characters - something unseen in the original Ghosbusters- as they may not completely trust his equipment until they actually use it.

Jay Pharoah - The Street-Smart One

On a team of crazy smart geniuses, you need a street-smart character to help them adapt to the real world. That is where actor Jay Pharoah comes in. Like many other cast members from previous Ghostbusters films (Dan Aykroyd, Kristen Wiig, etc.), Jay Pharoah's roots are in Saturday Night Live.

Pharoah is an extremely talented actor and comedian that I certainly admire. I would love to see him spread his wings in an all-male Ghosbusters reboot. The movie would give him a chance to shine, plus he could add a lot of humor to scenes that would be dry without him.

Of course, I may just be wasting my time. The possibilities of an all-male Ghosbusters reboot still happening are rather slim, but I can still hope. Perhaps they haven't completely forgotten the project and they are just waiting to see how the current Ghostbusters reboot pans out.

If the movie does ever get green lit, though, I sincerely hope that this is the route they take in the casting process. Ashton Kutcher, Jonah Hill, Jay Baruchel and Jay Pharoah are all crazy talented actors who could easily nail their respective roles.

What do you think, though? Let me know in the comments, and thanks for reading!


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