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Warning! If you have yet to see The Force Awakens, spoilers ahead!

Han Solo's death in The Force Awakens was a shocking loss for fans of the smuggler, but never fear, we haven't seen the last of him! It was revealed just this week that a new film set for release in 2018 will give us Chewie and Han's origin story, and fans have theorized that we will see more of Han in flashbacks (or even as a ghost!) in upcoming films.

If you just can't wait till then, though, there is also a new Han Solo comic miniseries from Marvel coming out later this year.

The five-part series will be set between the events of A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back, as Han struggles to cope with being drawn away from smuggling and into the Rebel Alliance.

This story of personal growth is set against the backdrop of a space race called the Dragon Void Run. As we all know, Solo is pretty proud of the speed of his beloved Millennium Falcon, and he's been dreaming of proving himself on the Dragon Void Run for most of his life. Now, he's combining his entry with a mission for Leia, picking up Rebel informants while taking part. He has to decide whether his loyalties lie with the mission or with the race.

The images that we've seen look amazing, and with everyone's favorite smuggler front and center, this is sure to be a fantastic miniseries for any Star Wars fan. Written by Marjorie Liu and illustrated by Mark Brooks, the series will be in shops this June.

Source: Entertainment Weekly



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