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A small review on an older Western Film by George P. Cosmatos

The way I choose the movies I watch is usually completely random, sometimes I just want to watch something light and easy, so I look for some comedy, right? seems pretty forward. Anyhow this week I got me a craving for some F-ing Westerns, I wanted to stay away with anything to old so i started with a film I remembered from when I was younger Tombstone.

An American Western released in 1993; side note I was born in 1992 I saw the film years later, my parents are fans of the whole cowboys and indian scene. Okay so it stars Kurt Russell(before he worked with Tarantino), Val Kilmer (before he was Batman) Sam Elliott (The Stranger in The Big Lebowski) and Bill Paxton (I haven't seen him in many movies, my bad) Anyhow these four fine gentleman play out the lives of a few guys who just came into Tombstone Arizona a mining town that's growing into a pretty popular place to go and gamble and drink your night away. Three brothers and a friend in search of the ol'American dream by means of investing of vices end up being part of the justice system when a band of rebels start getting angry at them for upping them in about everything.

So I exaggerate a little but in its basis it is a film about four guys looking to get some money, they come to a little town where they see that law and justices is not prominent and that they have to keep their chins high and their eye wide open or else they might end up in a tight situation. It's western with a dash of revenge film with a scent of righteousness.

I thought I was very fun film, it got very intense a few times. The director did an amazing job painting these guys as total bad asses with little to no fear at all. I found the smart talking Doc Holliday (Val Kilmer) to be a very fun character. In general the story was simple enough. I do want to add that the villains could have been a little bit more powerful they seemed to me not challenging enough for our heroes.

Anyhow i give it and 8/10 i do recommend it to any lover of western films, I will be watching more westerns, some of the famous Italian spaghettis so we can wait for that in a few days.


Do you like Western films? If you do tell me which one I should watch next in the comments


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