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( warning spoilers - for the flash tv show and supergirl )

Ok so for you's who haven't heard anything about the flash and supergirl crossover (which I am sure most of you have) this is defiantly the article for you.

Its happening in only 2-3 weeks so pretty exciting stuff but there is still so much more that is known.

Ok so in episode 13 on season 2 of the flash we got to see Barry, Cisco and Harrison wells head straight the through the multiverse and see a super familiar girl.

Yep that sure seems like super girl to me.

Siobhan smythe recently turned up on super girl too and due to a certain set photo, it's pretty obvious that she will turn into the silver banshee...

look in the background there and i'm pretty sure that's her, so that's another thing we now know but i'm pretty sure its gonna take more than her to take down the scarlet speedster and super girl.

other thing's that have been shown have been set photos but that really doesn't give us any info. That doesn't mean there isnt anymore information to share.....

The episode is going to be season 1 episode 18 and in the same week that Batman v superman will come out. The crossover will be titled 'world's finest'

Share what else you know in the comments!!!!!!


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