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The casting news for Iron Fist has been out for some time but after seeing all of the criticism, I thought it was about time I gave my thoughts.

Game of Thrones actor, Finn Jones, has been cast as Iron Fist in the Marvel Netflix TV Series universe and it has been met with great controversy. A lot of people seem to prefer it that there was an Asian-American actor playing Danny Rand. While I can see the points of both sides, there are some problems with favouring an Asian-American actor.

Danny Rand is Caucasian in the comics, that is something that none of us can deny. So far, all of the media has presented him as Caucasian. While portraying once thought Caucasian characters with POC actors is perfectly fine, calling people racist for not doing that simply makes no sense. If Danny Rand is Caucasian in the comics, there shouldn't be any problem in the first place.

Casting an Asian-American as Danny Rand also ignores a lot of the narrative of the original source material. Danny Rand is a White man who finds himself in an Asian city, a fish out of water. He takes down the cultural barrier and becomes one of the most powerful martial artists in the Marvel Universe.

Let's get down to the real question: why do people want Iron Fist to be played by an Asian-American actor? To put it simply, it's because Iron Fist is a martial artist. Isn't there a problem with believing that every martial artist has to be Asian? Now who has the moral high ground?

Here's what's important, you are allowed to believe that an Asian-American actor would have made a better Iron Fist. However, you are not allowed to accuse the casting directors of racism because all they have done is stay accurate to the source material.

Whether or not this was the right thing to do does not matter, because something to remember is, it's just a television show. Life goes on unchanged and real problems of race remain unaffected. Even then, you have Daredevil Season 2 to enjoy with the introduction of the Hand. So everyone wins.


What do you think of the casting of Iron Fist?


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