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At the end of February, Leonardo DiCaprio triumphantly ascended the podium at the Academy Awards and finally scooped up his long-awaited Oscar for Best Actor for The Revenant. Here's the precious moment the world collectively breathed a sigh of relief below:

Yet, as we all cheered and whooped Leo into victory, little did we know that a bizarre phenomenon was brewing below the surface. And you'll be surprised to know that it has something to do with the spinning tops that were first featured in 2010 sci-fi flick Inception.

If you remember correctly, Leo used this object to distinguish what was a dream and what was reality -- to check if he was awake, the spinning top would topple and if he was dreaming, it would spin forever and ever.

Now, when DiCaprio went to pick up the gong for Best Actor, the Internet erupted with memes of dear Leo checking if he was actually dreaming his big win or not. This alone was enough to lead to a monumental rise in demand for the inconspicuous little object, the Vorso MK1 spinning top to be precise. Dumbstruck by the surge in sales, the designer was forced to exclaim:

"I’m serious man. I’m worried we won’t have enough stock.”

Yet, this isn't the first time a movie has sparked increased sales for the most surprising or, quite frankly bizarre objects. Here are four others:

1. Juno

Product: The hamburger phone

When Juno hit our big screens back in 2007, we loved everything about it -- Ellen Page, the crippling awkwardness of Michael Cera, the eclectic soundtrack and of course, the hamburger phone she uses. So much so, that apparently following the movie's release, hundreds of them were flying off eBay's virtual shelves.

Here's the trailer:

2. Office Space

Product: Red stapler

In 1999 comedy Office Space, Milton is worryingly obsessed with one hot personal accessory -- his red Swingline Stapler. And it seems that ever since the movie became a cult classic, everyone else became obsessed with it too.

The only problem was that Swingline never actually made a red version of its stapler -- Milton's prop was actually custom painted by a prop designer. Realizing what they were missing, the sleepy Midwestern company quickly adjusted the color of their office accessory and went on to sell ten of thousands, bringing immeasurable stapler joy to many others but hopefully avoiding ramblings like this:

3. Toy Story

Product: The Etch a Sketch

Before Pixar's epic Toy Story hit the movie theatres, Ohio Art Company was going through some major financial struggles, being months away from filing for bankruptcy. However, after their Etch A Sketch was featured in the animated film for a mere twelve seconds, they experiencing a 20% sales bump that actually went on to save the company!

Nice one!

4. Fifty Shades Of Grey

Product: Teddy Bear

You'd think that E. L. James' saucy movie adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey would unleash a tirade of people buying all sorts of sordid BDSM gear. Yet whilst this stands true in some cases, the movie also sparked a huge rise in sales of this Christian Grey themed teddy bear carrying handcuffs and wearing that iconic bespoke suit. How sexy...

Which is the most bizarre product?

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