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My nerd major is in Lord of the Rings but I'm a Trekkie for life and the Mortal Instruments are my precious.
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If you haven't watched last season beware the spoilery goodness below.

Well, it's months later and I'm still traumatized. "For the watch," they said. "What do you mean for the-- OH MY GOSH YOU TAKE THAG BACK! NO. STOP. No... No... That didn't just happen... Someone tell me that didn't just happen," I said-- as did fans all over the world.

Today they released the new trailer for the new season of Game of Thrones and it was full of spoilers and the vaguest scenes imaginable.

BUT I'm gonna do my best to break them down. I've got pried descriptions with each picture and some major Jon Snow speculation at the bottom.

Now it starts out where we left Jon, lying in the snow in his own blood. It sounds like Davos saying "He's gone." But they've been telling us that for almost a year now and, let's be honest, no one believes it. We're stuck in the denial stage and we won't give it up.

Traumatizing, I know. But let's move on.

Jamie returns from Braavos. He and Cercei seem to be mourning their daughter and planning revenge.

We're the only ones that matter. And everything they've taken from us we'll take back-- and more.

Speaking of little girls who were murdered, Davos seems to be mourning Shireen.

Cud the dramatic looks from the most hated ex-bastard in the GoT series, Ramsay. No context as to what this is about. Is it because Sansa and Reek are gone? Maybe there's war coming to the north that isn't white walker related.

The great victory I saw in the flames... All of it was a lie...

We kind of figured that when you lost the war.

Ser Jorah studying the ring then looking up to the sky, thinking of Khaleesi.

Then Dany. She's looking beat up and dragonless as she's escorted by the Dothraki. Then we hear the high sparrow's voice.

Every one of us is poor... And powerless... Yet we can overthrow an Empire.

I think even the people that hate Cercei don't like this guy.

Not much explanation. A funeral? A meeting?

Sansa with Tyrion's voice.

"You're in the great game now, and the great game is terrifying."

Love that line.

Finally, some dragons. I love me some dragons. Well, one dragon, but impressive still.

The screen goes dark and the music abruptly changes. Then this guy appears.

Have your man step aside or there will be violence.

Zombie Mountain!

I think we all cheered when Cercei replies with, "I choose violence."

Now Cercei is a hard character to get behind and I know she's got her haters but can we just pause for a moment and give Lena Headey a round of applause? Her performance as Cercei Lannister is amazing, even if you don't like the character.

Now I believe this is a young Ned Stark and comrades getting ready to uncover the backstory of Jon Snow. Now we're pretty sure they are covering the story of the Tower of Joy which is believed to be where Ned is given Jon Ned's sister (if you don't know the theory look up R+L=J) and, we believe, asked to raise him as his own as any child of Rhaegar would be killed by Robert Baratheon.

Yes, Tommen marches down an aisle flanked by his guard then Cercei flanked by Zombie Mountain. It's a bit too vague to get much from it.

Horses heading into battle. The only thing I get from this is that they aren't Dothraki horses so this is on the mainland I would assume. The ground is muddy though so somewhere north.

Now we have out first glimpse of Arya, getting punched in the face by that faceless girl from last season.

Little-finger stands in the north. Has he reunited with Sansa?

Margaery is still in the hands of the high sparrow. She doesn't look good.

Some more images of fighting in the north. Something tells me Ramsay won't have such a good time when Lord Snow rises and leads an army to retake the north. The second picture seems to be more of a battle against a white walker considering the fire.

Ah yes, Theon "Reek" Greyjoy. We hated him until Ramsay made us feel the teeniest tiniest wince of sympathy-- which can easily be forgotten if we think about what he did to Robb. Here he is. First a shot of him in a snowy forest then he seems to have been captured and is having his head dunked in water. My bet is that Sansa gets to some friends of the north then sells him out as a traitor to Robb. The north remembers.

They pan through a few shots of disaster and rooms being destroyed, some ships on a stormy ocean, but it's too vague to put them in a location.

Then... Twincest! Yup. Fun. It's been a good year since I had seen any twincest, can't say I missed it all that much.

Something I actually have missed- Brienne. She's fighting someone in a forest. Likely trying to protect Sansa.

Melisandre, probably speaking to her fire god.

The hall of the faceless god.

It wouldn't be game of thrones without the red lady stripping. It's just a staple of the show. But is that Jon's curly hair sticking out in the right side of the shot? I'll concede that I might be looking too much into that one but if I end up being right I'll be sending out my "I told you so"s.

Oh Lord Snow. Wake up, there's still work to do.

Is this Arya? No way to tell because they don't show the face but still, I'm voting Arya.

More images of the coming war.

I honestly can't tell who these two are.

I believe this is Theon but I could be wrong. It's dark and my eyes aren't the greatest.

I would say this is Jorah. He seems to be an older man but he has the symbol of Targaryn on his armor so it's someone serving Dany. Is he trying to fight through the Dothraki?

The only willing that still gets along with Jon.

Now it's super hard to make out but that almost looks like Jon on the horse in the center back. Someone that many believe was Kit Harrington WAS spotted on set filming something for a battle. It seems to be the same clothes.

Margaery taking the high sparrow's hand.

A better look at Arya's eyes this season.

I really can't make this out well enough because the people in the middle are too hard to see but I think that's Jamie off to the right.

Sansa running through the woods. I'm gonna guess she's running from Winterfell and Ramsay.

The Dothraki heading into battle.

And Bran is standing!

Wiiiiiith the king of the White Walkers... Yeah. That won't end well.

Now I'm gonna throw up some the end and some Jon Snow speculation. First, the screenshots.

So this is a shot from a little earlier on in the trailer but it seemed to for more here.

The Knights watch, including the man who led the attack on Jon at the end of last season (and, might I add, only lived because of Jon's mercy) are panicked and trying to get into this room, going so far as to try breaking down the door with an axe. What's in this room that's so important? Hmm?

Davos takes up Jon's sword.

"I've never been much of a fighter," Davos looks off screen, "Apologies for what you're about to see."

Who is he looking at? My bet is Melisandre. He wouldn't apologize to a bunch of men for fighting.

Now here's where it gets interesting. He draws the sword.

And the members of the knight's watch draw their swords as if he's going to attack them.

I read in some article earlier that he was attacking Ghost, but let's be serious. Look at the stance. Ghost isn't moving to attack him back and if Davos really meant him harm Ghost would have taken off his head. Davos is attacking the Knights watch. Put that together with the fact that earlier they show them trying to break through a door and Melisandre's presence at the wall and I think that Melisandre wants to resurrect Jon but the members of the Knights watch, who just brutally murdered him, are not so keen on the idea.

I would argue with those who say "Jon is dead. Dead is dead." Why waist all those hints over the past few seasons and, especially last year, on a character they just killed off anyway. Why bother filming the scene with young Ned Stark and the Tower of Joy?

I firmly believe that, as all the cast members say now, Jon Snow is dead. But he won't stay that way.


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