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March 17th Update: New Set Pics

As the Fifty Shades Darker shoot continues in Vancouver, new father Jamie Dornan was shooting scenes at a restaurant with Dakota Johnson. Hard to say what part of the movie this comes from with limited visual cues.

Apropos of nothing: When actors film restaurant scenes, do they actually get to eat the food? I imagine it goes cold pretty fast. All that red wine, on the other hand, presumably makes doing ten takes quite enjoyable.

I know, I know. There is somehow still almost an entire year to go until Fifty Shades Darker is unleashed, and you're positively gagging for it. But if nothing else, this handy round-up of everything we know about the Grey sequel should have you super-stoked about the new cast and the vague possibility of seeing Jamie's Dornan's mini Mr. Grey in the flesh.

The Shoot

Production began on Darker in the third week of February 2016, but it wasn't until the beginning of March that Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan shot their first scenes together. The two not-unattractive actors dived right into the bleak stuff with a street scene in the immediate aftermath of Ana's sexual harassment at the hands of Jack Hyde.

Shooting is ongoing in Vancouver and should be wrapped up by June, so you've got plenty of time to have a peek at the set if you're in the BC region.

Eye-catching art coutesy of New Yorker
Eye-catching art coutesy of New Yorker

The Cast

A whole bunch of new roles have been cast for the Grey's sequel. Here's the full run-down on every actor set to appear in a major or supporting role in Darker:

  • Jamie Dornan returns as Christian Grey, obviously...
  • While Dakota Johnson is back as the lovable Miss Steele.
  • Marcia Gay Harden is back as Christian's mother, Grace...
  • As are Max Martini as Jason and Eloise Mumford as Kate.
  • Also returning is Rita Ora as Christian's sister Mia.
  • Hollywood siren Kim Basinger is added as Elena Lincoln.
  • Canadian Eric Johnson joins as the troublemaking Jack Hyde.
  • Aussie Bella Heathcote is also new as ex-submissive Leila.

Further new additions include Robinne Lee and Fay Masterson in minor parts.

What's That About Full Frontal Dornan?!

One of the most persistent rumors of the past few months has been the possibility that Jamie Dornan might strip away more than just Christian Grey's enigmatic demeanor in Darker, having allegedly been offered a handsome sum to get fully naked in the Grey sequel.

Screw you, Calvin Kleins!
Screw you, Calvin Kleins!

Rumors have a habit of not coming true when media outlets are thirsty for gossip, so I wouldn't hold your breath on this one... unless you're into kinky breath-play, of course.

OK, But What About The Story?

Look, if you've read the books you already know what to expect — and if not, what are you doing here? You'll find about 17 copies in your nearest Goodwill.

However, just as a refresher, here's what you can expect to go down in Darker: Ana's relationship with Christian will be tested by a series of outside forces, from his former mentor, Elena Lincoln (or Mrs. Robinson, as Ana likes to think of her), to his childhood friend, Jack Hyde, who holds a decades-old grudge and does his best to sour the burgeoning romance.

When One Dose Of "Kinky F--kery" Just Isn't Enough...

If you're a complete Fifty Shades addict, you'll be pleased to know that Darker will shoot back-to-back with Fifty Shades Freed, the latter set for a Valentine's Day 2018 release. Both movies are being helmed by James Foley, who took over from Sam Taylor-Johnson after the Grey director reportedly clashed with author E.L. James.

It was fun knowing you, Sam Taylor-Johnson.
It was fun knowing you, Sam Taylor-Johnson.

James's husband, Niall Leonard, is on scripting duties this time around, so expect almost total fidelity to the books, for better or worse.

Enough Talk! When Can I See It?

Alright, alright, I'm getting there. The first trailer should be cut and ready to go by September at the latest, although it's not unreasonable to expect a teaser before then. As with Grey, Paramount will probably mount a big campaign around the movie's soundtrack, with original songs on iTunes and Spotify by January. Whether any will top Ellie Goulding's 'Love Me Like You Do' remains to be seen.

Fifty Shades Darker hits theaters on February 10, 2017, so you've got plenty of time to persuade, goad, or straight-up blackmail your boyfriend, husband, or significant other into going to see it with you.

Are you looking forward to 'Fifty Shades Darker'?


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