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Disney's latest film Zootopia made mega bucks at the box office with audiences flocking to see the cute animated feature about Officer Judy Hopps working to solve a mystery case with the sly Nick Wilde.

The film was absolutely jam packed with Easter Eggs for eagle-eyed audience members, but there's also one more cool little detail in the film that deserves some attention. Depending on what country you see Zootopia in, one specific character may be different!

Twitter user and animation insider @RyshatsCorner has revealed that in many releases Disney has changed the Zootopia News Network (ZNN) newscaster character to an animal which is regionally appropriate.

In the US, Canada, and France the newscaster is a moose, in Japan it's a tanuki, in New Zealand and Australia it's a koala, and in China it's a panda. Meanwhile, UK audiences are treated to a corgi, while in Brazil it's a jaguar!

While this is all extraordinarily cute, what makes this little regional difference even better is that the characters are voiced by actual broadcasters! Currently we know that the moose is voiced by CBC News correspondent Peter Manbridge (he's also called Peter Moosebridge in Mansbridge's honor), while the jaguar is voiced by Jornal da Band anchor Ricardo Eugenio Boechat (and he's also named Boi Chá after his voice actor). Meanwhile the koala is voiced by Australian singer and TV host David Campbell, son of iconic Aussie musician Jimmy Barnes.

David Campbell recording his part. Picture: Disney
David Campbell recording his part. Picture: Disney

This cool little detail is just one of many region differences we've seen in films over the years, take a look below at a few others, and for a most extensive list take a peek over here:

1. Riley's baby food in 'Inside Out'

Top: US version, bottom: Japanese version
Top: US version, bottom: Japanese version

In Inside Out Riley's much-detested broccoli was replaced by green peppers in the Japanese version. This is apparently because green peppers are much more disliked than broccoli in Japan!

3. The restaurants in 'Demolition Man'

In the 1993 movie Demolition Man, the chain restaurant Taco Bell is shown to be the last remaining restaurant chain in the world following the Franchise Wars. However, while Taco Bell makes perfect sense for an American audience, the franchise is not widely available outside of the US. To solve this problem, the European version of Demolition Man substitutes Taco Bell with Pizza Hut, and changed lines and logos in post-production to suit.

4. Randall's cupcakes in 'Monsters University'

Top: US version, bottom: International version
Top: US version, bottom: International version

Randall's delicious looking cupcakes were the subject of a regional change in Monsters University. In the original version of the film the cupcakes were frosted to make up the phrase "be my pal" (aw!), which later went on to just become "lame" when the cupcakes were spilled and splattered down on poor Randall's head. Of course, this gag relied heavily on the audience being English speakers, so the phrase was nixed completely for the international release, and instead the cupcakes were decorated with cute smiley faces.

4. Minty Zaki in 'Wreck-It Ralph'

Left: Minty Zaki, right: Minty Sakura
Left: Minty Zaki, right: Minty Sakura

Minty Zaki is one of the Sugar Rush Racers in Wreck-It Ralph, and quite a minor character in the film, but she was still remodeled for the Japanese version of the movie where she became Minty Sakura!

What seems weird about this change in particular is that the Minty Zaki was already Japanese-themed! Her name is a direct homage to Japan's most famous animator, Hayao Miyazaki.

Have you seen 'Zootopia'? What type of animal was the newcaster when you saw the film?


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