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The best new tech gives us something we never knew we needed. Sometimes, though, it gives us something we genuinely just didn't need.

The year's most anticipated movie, [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870), will screen in two 4DX theaters in NYC when it drops on March 25th, marking the first time New Yorkers can watch a movie in 4DX.

If you're wondering exactly what 4DX technology involves, it's basically a sensory experience in which what you see on screen is enhanced by physical effects inside the theater, like rain, wind, fog, snow, lightning, scents, bubbles, and seats that vibrate your ass.

Watch the video above for a more sophisticated explanation of the tech. The South Koreans love it!

In short, if you've ever found yourself at the theater wishing you'd had a good excuse to bring your umbrella along for the ride, 4DX was invented for you. Two screens in Manhattan, Regal Union Square 14 and Regal E-Walk 13, will show Batman v Superman with extra bubbles.

Here's a lovely image of some people having an absolute whale of a time at a 4DX film screening, just to give you a little taster...

Doesn't that look like fun? The giant pieces of wood only hurt a little bit.

No word yet on exactly how much you'll have to pay for the privilege of getting wet at a screening of Dawn of Justice, but it's bound to be worth it. Right?

Batman v. Superman hits March 25. Check out the final trailer above, or click through to New 'BvS' TV spots tease the big fight - and a major death?


Would you like to be hit by a lightning bolt while watching Batman bring hell to Superman?


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