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It's a pretty good week for the world of Marvel comics, with a slew of new issue releases coming our way as the All-New, All-Different Marvel rebranding starts really taking off in the aftermath of the Secret Wars crossover event.

The Emperikul are coming after the Marvel Universe in Doctor Strange #6, and all that stands in their way is a weakened Sorcerer Supreme; meanwhile the war for Asgard reaches a head in Mighty Thor #5 as Jane Foster / Thor goes up against Odin himself. The ever suffering Spider-Man has to deal with not just one but a bunch of Deadpools in Spider-Man/Deadpool #3, and Spider-Gwen teams up with Captain America to take down the Green Goblin once and for all in Spider-Gwen #6.

But it's not just the ongoing series getting topped up that we're excited about this week oh no, there's a few brand new All-New Marvel series launching their first issues this week - and today marks the return of Adam Warlock himself.

'Mockingbird #1'

Mockingbird a.k.a. Barbara "Bobbi" Morse - who currently appears in Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. portrayed by Adrianne Palicki - launches her first self-titled series, written by seasoned superhero guru Chelsea Cain and newcomer Kate Niemczyk, with illustrations by Joëlle Jones.

Mockingbird #1 charts Bobbi Morse, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., as she investigates a string of suspicious activity within the medical division of S.H.I.E.L.D. itself, activity which has been interrupting agent operations.

Mockingbird has been around in Marvel comics since the early 70s, but this is her first foray out on her own due to increased character popularity off the back of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and TV shows, and we're pretty excited to see her kicking ass on page as well as on-screen.

Mockingbird #1 is available to purchase in print now, digital copy TBA.

'The Infinity Entity #1'

Adam Warlock's been imprisoned and trapped in various dimensions and Infinity Gems more times than you can shake a stick at over his run in Marvel Comics, and last we heard of him he was once again trapped in the Negative Zone courtesy of Annihilus.

The Infinity Entity #1 relaunches the tale of Warlock and it already sounds like it's going to be a bag of wonderful weirdness, as he ends up coming into conflict with... the original 1960s Avengers!? (Check out tin can Iron Man above).

With art by the legendary Alan Davis and writing by long time Warlock author Jim Starlin, The Infinity Entity #1 promises "disturbing mental problems" and a connection to Thanos: The Infinity Relativity. It will also feature everyone's favourite cosmic team, the Guardians of the Galaxy.

The Infinity Entity #1 is available to purchase in print now, digital copy TBA.

'A Year of Marvels: March Infinite Comic #1'

Not exactly a new series as such, but Marvel's Infinite Comics run gets off the ground again with their made-for-digital stories, each month bringing a all new story featuring different Marvel heroes.

The March Infinite Comic #1 switches focus to Scott Lang and his Ant-Man Security Solutions business after February's Spider-Man focused tale.

In the March edition of A Year of Marvels Amy Chu and artist Ryan Browne bring a "Spring Break themed heist" to Ant-Man's team, but as it usually goes with Security Solutions, things are not quite what they seem with this job...

A Year of Marvels: March Infinite Comic #1 is available to purchase in print now, digital copy TBA.

For the full list of new releases this week you can check out the Marvel release calendar via their website here.


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