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Welcome to Casting Call! Where we pick our favorite comic books and do some fantasy casting for them! This week, Marvel Comics' X-Force!

Hot on the heels of Deadpool and the inevitable debut of Cable in Deadpool 2 or his own solo film, we figure it's only a matter of time until 20th Century Fox announce an X-Force movie. Now you may say, "But The New Mutants came first!", but that's a Casting Call for another time. Let's go!

Stephen Lang as Cable/Stryfe

Playing the hard-nosed leader of X-Force would not be a stretch to imagine for Lang. He essentially played the same type of character (albeit without powers) in Avatar. As Colonel Miles Quaritch, Lang was tough and driven to oust the Na'vi just to get his hands on Unobtanium. Give him more guns, a metal arm, a cybernetic eye, and mutant powers and you have Nathan Summers a.k.a. Cable. Bonus, Lang would also be doing double duty as Cable's main nemesis Stryfe who happens to be an identical clone of Cable himself. Find Lang also in: Tombstone, Gods & Generals, Conan the Barbarian, and Gettysburg.

Kate Beckinsale as Domino

Domino is Cable's sometime companion and co-leader of X-Force. They were part of a team previously called The Six Pack. Being a mutant with powers of luck Dominio is also a very formidable combatant and needs no one to help her. Beckinsale has played characters like this before in Total Recall, Underworld, and Van Helsing. She has the battle acumen and can look amazing in a catsuit.

Alex Pettyfer as Cannonball

The team leader when they were the New Mutants, Sam Guthrie a.k.a. Cannonball is the eldest member of the Guthrie kids who are all mutants. A quiet and insecure kid, Sam didn't come out of his shell and become the leader we know today until his time with Cable. Pettyfer has the chops and look to play the country kid. See Pettyfer in: Magic Mike, I Am Number Four, and Stormbreaker

Ashley Benson as Boom Boom

Tabitha Smith was a runaway from an abusive home after her mutant powers manifested themselves. After stints with X-Factor, X-Terminators, and New Mutants, Boomer was part of X-Force and really came into her own, eventually becoming a member of the X-Men along with Cannonball, Warpath, and Sunspot. The hot-tempered girl with the power to make explosions could be played by Ashley Benson (Pretty Little Liars and Pixels).

Naya Rivera as Feral

Vicious, mean, and sometimes evil are words that could be used to describe both Feral and Naya Rivera's character Santana on Glee. Feral was a mutant who had feline like powers and joined X-Force after Cable rescued her from the Morlock leader Masque. Feral would flip flop allegiances for sometime and was the short-tempered tracker of the group. Rivera could have a nice run in the X movies, and could even play Monet St. Croix if this doesn't pan out.

Jack O'Connell as Shatterstar

The time travelling, inter-dimensional son of X-Men Longshot and Dazzler chose to fight alongside Cable in return for helping him overthrow the dictator of his world, Mojo. Still a relatively unknown actor, O'Connell is a very underrated actor and this could be the franchise to help him breakout, much the way Hugh Jackman did. You can find O'Connell in: Unbroken, Skins, and 300: Rise of an Empire.

Wilmer Valderrama as Rictor

Rictor is a mutant with ability to generate seismic earthquakes, shock waves, and such. He was a member of the New Mutants, X-Factor, X-Terminators, and X-Force and had a romantic relationship with Shatterstar, the first such relationship between comic book heroes. Wilmer Valderrama has the look to play Rictor and needs that breakout hit to launch him into superstardom. You can find Valderrama in: That '70s Show, From Dusk Till Dawn (series), and The Girl is in Trouble.

Jane Levy as Siryn

Daughter to longtime X-Man Banshee but raised by his evil brother Black Tom, Siryn later redeemed herself and joined X-Force and X-Factor to be one of the most trusted heroes they have. With the same powers as her father (sonic scream and flight) we feel this fiery red-head could be brought to life by Jane Levy quite easily. You can find Levy in: Fun Size, Nobody Walks, and Evil Dead.

Chaske Spencer as Warpath

The resident heavy and tracker of X-Force, Warpath is the younger brother of former X-Man Thunderbird who gave his life to save the team many years earlier. Warpath served on both incarnations of X-Force and has no qualms about doing what it takes to accomplish the mission. He was played in X-Men: Days of Future Past by BooBoo Stewart in a very limited role, however we pick Stewart's Twilight co-star Chaske Spencer, a native american actor, to take on the mantle. Spencer can be seen in: The Twilight Saga, Skins, and Winter in The Blood.

Caua Reymond as Sunspot

Sunspot (Roberto DaCosta) is Cannonball's best friend and a founder of the New Mutants. Able to absorb solar energy and rechannel it into super strength, flight, and heat/light projection, Sunspot is one of the more formidable members of the team. He's recently come into his own and become a full-fledged Avenger with Cannonball. We briefly saw Sunspot in X-Men: DOFP played by Adan Canto, however this time around we're going with a Brazilian actor since Roberto is Brazilian, and that guy is Cauã Reymond. Reymond is mostly known as a Brazilian soap star but he is ready to hit the U.S. by storm. he would also be able to play X-Force villain Reignfire who was a clone of Sunspot.

Other X-Force members who could be in the film include:

Caliban, Moonstar, and Bedlam

Now on to the bad guys! X-Force's rogue's gallery is not a huge one. Mostly consisting of X-Men villains or old New Mutants ones, the most consistent adversary was Stryfe, already mentioned above.

The Mutant Liberation Front

The MLF was a group of mutants brought together by Stryfe and was comprised of Rusty Collins, Skids, Thumbelina, Tempo, Dragoness, Forearm, Kamikaze, Reaper, Strobe, Sumo, Wildside, and Zero. A Later group would include Reignfire, Moonstar, Feral and Locus.

Omari Hardwick as Bishop

Bishop is the time travelling mutant who came to our time chasing escaped villains along with 2 partners. His partners were killed in battle and Bishop became stranded in our time. He was a member of the X-Men but was constantly at odds with Cable. This would make him a natural adversary for our hero and he could become a hero in his own right later on. To play the tough future mutant cop we chose Omari Hardwick who has the look and demeanor to play the gruff one. Hardwick can be seen in: Power, The A-Team, and Kick-Ass.

There you have it! Our picks for who would be in the X-Force movie! Did we miss anyone? Who would you pick to be in it? Let us know!


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