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Days after Leonardo DiCaprio collected his first Oscar, 'History In Pictures' posted a throwback photograph of baby Leo with his parents. Dated '76, the blonde haired toddler is a picture of cuteness however, rather than erupting into choruses of awww's, the photograph has caused the Internet to fall into fury.

Why? Because Leo's mom, Irmelin Indenbirken, didn't bother to shave her armpits.

Baby Leonardo DiCaprio with his mom and dad, 1976.Follow us for more awesome history >> History In Pictures

Posted by History In Pictures on Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Yes folks, despite the fact that Irmelin went on to raise an Oscar winning, globally renowned, eco-conscious, philanthropic millionaire, people are pissed that she didn't take the time to sort out her "disgusting" and "gross" armpits. This is because, in case you didn't get the memo, hair anywhere on a woman's body other than her head is a huge social faux pas.

In the week since the photograph was first posted it has amassed over 7,000 comments, the majority of which are negative and exclaim that, “her armpits are in serious need of Photoshop!”

For example:

Via Buzzfeed
Via Buzzfeed


Via Buzzfeed
Via Buzzfeed

Thanks for that, guys!

Corrine Barraclough of the Daily Mail, true to form, also stepped in to share her two cents on the issue (because there's nothing quite like woman-to-woman body shaming to move a conversation backwards, right?) to point out that a "festering swamp" under one's pits isn't sightly and, come on girls, shaving is "the least we can do." She wrote:

Men have beards to worry about and most of those have a hell of a lot more coarse hair than the weedy sprout that springs from under our arms. It doesn’t require hours in the salon, it’s the least we can do.

Which is excellent advice if your primary goal is to maintain your body to satisfy ignorant assholes, I guess.

But what exactly are these pit-trolls so squeamish about? If it's hygiene, why not ask men to shave their armpits, too? Perhaps it's Irmelin's confidence in owning her own body that's bending people out of sorts? Or maybe it's the give-a-fuck-about-social-approval that disgusts them so? Who knows, but what is clear is that the reactions say a lot more about those doing the chatting than they do about her.

Via Daily Mail
Via Daily Mail

Thankfully, amongst the streams of disgust lie some who cannot believe the uproar surrounding something as trivial, and natural, as armpit hair.

And, as the debate widens it seems more and more people are getting involved in talking ignorance and chinchilla farms...


Check out this list of A-list ladies who aren't afraid to let their pit hair flow.

What do you make of the armpit debate?

Source: History in Pictures


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