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It's been almost a month since it hit theaters and the Deadpool obsession continues to rage on and on — and rightfully so, considering it's an epic feat of a movie and is still triumphantly smashing box offices all over the globe. Need a reminder of why exactly? Check out the Merc with the Mouth shakin' his thang in the trailer below:

Indeed, weeks on and there seems to be no stopping the Marvel juggernaut, nor an end to fans' raining their praises down on the record-breaking blockbuster.

For example, just last week a brother and sister called the Brentwood Duo put their exceptional songwriting and vocal talents to the test by dropping a slow jam in honor of Deadpool. Yet unlike most acoustic performances that these two like to release on their YouTube channel, this one is most definitely NSFW.

In fact, it is so good that Ryan Reynolds himself posted it to his Twitter — if that's not a seal of approval, I don't know what is. Here's the tune below, which starts off with the wonderful and very apt lyric referring Deadpool as a "sexy motherfucker:"

Amazing or what? When it comes to churning out dirty Deadpool vibes, these two definitely have a way with words.

Check out Brentwood Duo's epic YouTube channel for more insane covers.

Which lyric is your favorite from the 'Deadpool' slow jam?


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