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Following the tragic death of the creator of the iconic Star Wars droid R2-D2, Tony Dyson, a sci-fi author named Keith DeCandido has posted a crowdfunding campaign to cover the cost of the funeral arrangements.

Despite his considerable success in supplying props and effects for movies, the British tech master was unfortunately broke when he passed away aged 68, with no money to cover his post-death wishes. A friend named Laura Mayfield Smith has started a GoFundMe campaign to cover the estimated $7000 cost of Dyson’s cremation.

The page describes how despite his intergalactic creativity, Dyson wasn't the best at managing his own bank account. His first wish was to have his massive brain donated to science, but because he tragically wasn't discovered for a few days after his death, this wasn't possible.

The campaign has raised $720 from 31 givers at the time of writing, a fraction of the cost. Donate and share the page if you want to thank the man who brought the sassy droid into our lives.

Dyson's second wish of cremation can be fulfilled if the campaign is successful. Malta does not have a crematorium so Dyson's body has to be shipped to his home country of England. All the money will go on the expenses, and if/when the campaign reaches its goal the page will close.

December 2015
December 2015

Dyson created eight R2 units, six operable via remote control. As well as Star Wars he also supplied Superman III and Moonraker with props, and started The White Horse Toy Company in the UK.

Dyson's body was discovered at his home on the island of Malta after police were alerted by friends that the man had been missing for a few days. He had recently partaken in the Malta Comic Con. He is thought to have died of natural causes.

Watch Dyson speaking about creativity at the Con in December last year:

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