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Since the first Pokémon games were introduced back in 1996, millions of fans worldwide have endeavored to catch, train and trade 151 creatures in determined bids to become Pokémon Master.

Two decades on, artists all over the world are still putting their creativity to the test in trying to bring our beloved characters and creations to life. Austrian digital artist Simon Gangl is one of them, boasting a real knack for bringing the most hostile monstrosities of the Pokémon world to life.

Take a look at his version of the fiercest Pokémon and insane reimaginings of the most badass battles:

1. Venusaur

2. Kabutops Vs Scyther

3. Kingler Vs Tentacruel

4. Nidoking

5. Charizard

6. Graveler Vs Machamp

7. Onyx Vs Rhydon

8. Caterpie Vs Weedle

9. Beedrill Vs Pinsir

10. Vileplume Vs Parasect

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Which realistic Pokémon is your favorite?


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