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As the tension of the battle in the upcoming Captain America: Civil War keeps on building, promo art for the movie has been progressively giving us an overview of who's fighting against whom.

But now that the members of and got their individual posters, even the time it took us to get over the fact that Natasha was going to go up against Steve hasn't been long enough for Marvel to give Spider-Man a poster, too.

Whose Side Will Spider-Man Be On?

While speculation has been favoring a Spi-ron-Man alliance (geddit?), the web-spinning youngster has yet to be officially assigned to one of the two sides. He will be played by Tom Holland, who started his career in Billy Elliot: The Musical in 2008, and will be putting the superhero suit back on for the upcoming Spider-Man reboot.

All we know is that early viewers of the movie have pointed out that "Spider-Man is great." Thankfully, these five fans have imagined their own versions of Spider-Man/Peter Parker's movie poster side profile:

1. Reddit User Phoenixinthaw

2. Reddit User Thecayco

3. Twitter User Kevincollins92

4. Facebook User Tony Stark Sincero

5. And A Poster From Facebook Page Geek Orbit

Captain America: Civil War, which is a sequel to Captain America: Winter Soldier, sees the Avengers fall apart because of their disagreement over governmental regulation of their powers. The movie will be released on May 6 and will run for 146 minutes.

Which poster is your favorite?

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