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We can't all be a Raven, a Lizzie or a Hannah, and even the greatest Disney divas need some support, so these selfless stars settled for being their sidekicks instead. It seems like only yesterday when these teens were on our screens but for many of them, it's been over a decade and they've since moved on to bigger and (not always) better things.

Find out what they've been up to since leaving the House of Mouse below.

1. Anneliese van der Pol

Then: Chelsea Daniels in That's So Raven

Now: Anneliese has gone back to her roots and is working in theatre. After a string of broadway productions, she is now playing Joan Smith in A Taste of Things to Come at Bucks County Playhouse, Pennsylvania.

2. Orlando Brown

Then: Eddie Thomas in That's So Raven

Now: A mixture of criminal activity and a few small-scale movies. Orlando was recently charged with misdemeanor domestic battery, obstruction of justice, drug possession with intent to sell and having contraband in jail.

3. Emily Osment

Then: Lily Truscott in Hannah Montana

Now: Emily has dabbled in music but is now focusing on acting. She is currently starring as Gabi Diamond in ABC's Young & Hungry, Jodi in Mom on NBC and in upcoming film, Love Is All You Need?

4. Mitchell Musso

Then: Oliver Oken in Hannah Montana

Now: Mitchell has also released a bit of music but has mainly continued to pursue his acting career. Sadly, his own Disney series PrankStars was cancelled when he was arrested for driving under the influence.

5. LaLaine Vergara

Then: Miranda Sanchez in Lizzie McGuire

Now: Quirky Lalaine is now pursuing a music career. She played bass guitar in the band Vanity Theft until 2011, but is now working on solo projects.

6. Adam Lamberg

Then: David 'Gordo' Gordon in Lizzie McGuire

Now: Adam hung up his acting shoes over eight years ago to focus on his studies. He majored in geography at University of California, Berkeley, works as a development associate at the Irish Arts Center in New York City and is currently completing a master's degree in Public Administration.

7. A.J. Trauth

Then: Alan Twitty in Even Stevens

Now: A.J. is still acting - but you'll hardly recognise him! Since Even Stevens, he's appeared in 7th Heaven, Ghost Whisperer, CSI and Bones. He married actress Leah Pipes in 2014.

8. Steven Anthony Lawrence

Then: Bernard 'Beans' Aranguren in Even Stevens

Now: It would seem that Steven's success might not have continued into his adult years. He was spotted by multiple mallgoers working at the Santa photo station at a shopping center in California last December.

9. Matthew Timmons

Then: Woody Fink in The Suite Life on Deck

Now: Matthew has basically gone off the acting radar since playing Woody on The Suite Life. According to his Instagram, now he plays Jenga and drinks cheap beer.

10. Debby Ryan

Then: Bailey Pickett in The Suite Life on Deck

Now: Debby has continued her work for her Disney with her very own show, Jessie. Following guest appearances on Zeke and Luther, Austin & Ally, Good Luck Charlie and Girl Meets World, she has now picked up a more adult role as Lucy Diamond in police drama, The Mysteries of Laura.

11. Anna Maria Perez de Taglé

Then: Ella Pador in Camp Rock

Now: Anna has been keeping a relatively low profile where acting is concerned, but she is now running her own YouTube channel, Anna's Beauty Secrets, which she updates frequently.

12. Jasmine Richards

Then: Margaret 'Peggy' Dupree in Camp Rock

Now: Much like her co-star Anna, Jasmine has moved towards beauty blogging and makeup tutorials. She runs a YouTube channel, Style Lights, and a blog, A dash of Something Pretty.

13. Chris Warren, Jr.

Then: Zeke Baylor in High School Musical

Now: Chris has left his Disney days behind him and has moved on to more adult acting roles. His last appearance was as Ty Hensdale in ABC's The Fosters last year.

14. Ryne Sanborn

Then: Jason Cross in High School Musical

Now: Ryne doesn't have a single acting credit since High School Musical 3: Senior Year. He currently attends the University of Utah and is studying architecture.

15. Jennifer Stone

Then: Harper Finkle in Wizards of Waverly Place

Now: After a starring role in horror film, High School Possession, back in 2014, Jennifer has been quite quiet in the acting world and has turned to another creative pursuit: art! You can buy her quirky prints on Etsy.

Which Disney sidekick do you think has had the biggest transformation?


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