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You think Paul Rudd got where he is today on good looks and talent? Well, yes, that is true... But Paul Rudd also has made some of the most interesting connections on his way to stardom. You honestly never hear a bad word about the guy, and his celebrity interactions can range from a kiss on the mouth delivered by Jack Nicholson, to unsuccessfully attempting to flash Michael Douglas on the set of Ant-Man. I'm pretty certain as you read this he is making a new friend, but here are 5 of the more fascinating acquaintances he has made over the years.

#5 - The State

Paul Rudd has worked with David Wain and The State multiple times, and what sparked the friendship was that Paul simply enjoyed a play that he saw. The show was called SEX, a.k.a. Weiner and Boobs at the HERE Theater back in 1998, and he liked it enough that he wanted to personally give respect to the cast, which happened to be David Wain, Michael Showalter and Joe Lo Truglio (to name a few). Needless to say they hit it off (granted Paul Rudd had already done Clueless), and shortly after David Wain sent Rudd a script called Wet Hot American Summer, and the rest is history.

#4 - Jennifer Aniston

Long before he got a reoccurring role on Friends, Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston had a little romantic history. They had both worked a film called The Object of My Affection in 1998 when they were just getting their careers going, and actually went steady for a while. Apparently, they mainly enjoyed making out, and although it didn't last, they remain good friends to this day. When asked about failed relationship as they were working again together on Wanderlust, Aniston commented, "we were like 12."

#3 - Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Both actors were in the movie They Came Together, and are residents of Hudson Valley, NY, but that is not the unique connection between Paul Rudd and Jeffrey Dean Morgan. These guys share a sweet tooth, and this led them to invest in a local favorite candy store. They both had heard the owner of Samuel's Sweet Shop had passed away, and with no immediate family members looking to take over business, Rudd and Morgan decided to buy the shop themselves. Nowadays, not only do they get together for the occasional dinner, they proudly co-own a successful candy emporium.

#2 - Jon Hamm

Jon and Paul first met back when they were still in school. Jon was a popular high school student in St. Louis, and while Paul was a freshman in college, he would travel to Jon's hometown to hangout with a mutual friend of theirs. Because of this, they would cross paths a few time, but what truly caught each other's attention was attempting to go after the same girl. Neither of them ended up with her, but they reconnected in LA a couple years after and have been hanging out ever since.

#1 - Adam Scott

Our Idiot Brother might not be the greatest movie around, but it did finally bring long time friends Adam Scott and Paul Rudd on the big screen together for the first time. They had been in the same acting school back in 1992, Adam was slightly younger but that didn't stop them from hitting it off. Spending most of their early careers hanging out and getting kicked out of weddings (actually just one, but it's a pretty funny story), Rudd claims Adam Scott is by far his best friend in the industry.

There you have it, Paul Rudd is just one cool dude. This isn't even close to the entire list of friends and fun stories he has made, but it is a nice example of what an awesome guy he is. Sure, he might not put up Oscar winning performances with every movie he does, but due to his connections he usually makes solid films, and he might actually be the definition of charismatic.


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