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Remember how Scream 3 tied the previous movies together by making Roman the puppetmaster for the killers in the first two movies? Whether you liked this plot device or not, there's no denying the 'Bigger Picture' approach is one way of upping the game in the sequel.

Maybe, just maybe, they could up the game even more in Scream 5: maybe it was Dewey all along. I have to make it clear that, rather than trying to prove that I think this was the Scream writers' intention all along, this is a solution that a) could be made to work and b) would be kinda cool.

Oh, and I'm totally aware that this is something that already happened in Scary Movie. Suspend your incredulity for a moment and consider what Killer Mastermind Dewey could do for the franchise...

The Third Killer Theory

Randy: Well if I'm a suspect, you're a suspect.

Dewey: Good point. Ok, let's move on...

You may have read the theory that there was a third killer present for the events in the first Scream movie. This was mainly founded on a) possible continuity errors and b) the revelation that Roman influenced Billy & Stu to go stabbing up Woodsboro, and possibly joined them to help them do so.

Ghostface: how to explain the teleporting abilities?
Ghostface: how to explain the teleporting abilities?

Moments of apparent super-human speed prompted the idea that Billy & Stu just couldn't have been in all of those places at once, such as when Ghostface stalked Sidney & Tatum in a store & some bushes when Billy & Stu harassed Randy only a few seconds later.

However, what if the Third Killer - canonically proven to have been a possibility - was Dewey, not Roman? Or Roman could have committed the immediate acts with Dewey conducting from the wings...

Dewey Fits the Profile - and Had the Opportunity

Dewey: Typically, serial killers are white male.

Dewey is a cop, putting him in the best possible position to lead, distract and purposely bungle an investigation. He also fits many other tenets of the classic serial killer, both on and off screen. He appears normal enough, even charming, but there is something a little odd about him. The victims are people he knows, committed in an area he feels comfortable in. As a longtime Woodsboro resident - and figure of authority - Dewey may have ties that run deeper than the Maureen Prescott affair.

Dewey & Gale - who really holds the power?
Dewey & Gale - who really holds the power?

He can't be that doofy and innocent, surely? And seriously, Dewey & Gale together are WEIRD; unless she is such an insatiable power-tripper that she loves being married to a simple, blundering ignoramus, I just can't see their relationship working; maybe it's one of those controversial Ron-and-Hermione type deals. Perhaps it's actually Dewey who is stringing Gale along, keeping up his innocent act in public whilst wielding his nefarious influence on her, providing a respectable front for his machinations...

What Would Killer Dewey Mean for Scream 5?

Dewey: One generation's tragedy is the next one's joke.

I can't think of a bigger, better way to step up the action in Scream 5 than to add a dark, unexpected side to one of the big 3: Sidney Prescott, Gale Weathers or Dewey Riley. Dewey just seems the most likely candidate. It certainly wouldn't be the most outlandish or bizarre slasher movie twist ever...

Could Dewey be the real Ghostface mastermind? And what do you want to happen in Scream 5?

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