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Scream 5 has long been in the works, but as the song goes, if you're gonna do it, do it right. There are certain criteria Scream fans need to be fully satisfied with a new addition to the franchise - check out 6 things we desperately want to see in Scream 5 (and add your own in the comments)!

1. The Return of the Queen

A Scream without Neve Campbell is no Scream at all! Moreover, we need all of our recurring protagonists back, so Courtney Cox and David Arquette need to comply, and quick! Oh, and kill one of them off! Maybe. I don't know if I could handle that, but it would certainly be dramatic. I mean, they killed off Jamie Lee Curtis in Halloween H20, so there's precedent. Sadly, Neve Campbell is not keen to return to Scream 5, but we'll see...

2. Do We Know Who the Killer is Already?

Wouldn't a big reveal that flipped the franchise on its head be cool? Imagine the impact of finding out there was a killer mastermind behind it all - like Roman in Scream 3 - who was a character we knew already? And what if that character was one of the big 3: Sidney, Gale... or Dewey.

My money is on Dewey.

3. Write it Right

Scream simply cannot proceed without Kevin Williamson (or Ehren Kruger, who wrote fan favorite Scream 3). Scream's power comes from its clever social commentary, its charm from the witty, nuanced characters. If and when Scream 5 comes, it will have to be written well.

4. More Kills!

That's just it: more. The sequel can never eclipse the beauty and simplicity of the original, so why not just pack it with more kills than Piranha 3DD on crack and call it a day? I liked the way Scream 4 used the meta-angle to increase the kill count, including this memorable opening.

5. Sequel or Prequel?

Apart from Scream 3's back story of 'Rina Reynolds', the franchise has always moved forwards, not backwards. Why not go back before it even began, with a young Maureen Prescott surviving (or... committing?!) a bunch of murders back in the day? If Scream 5 goes ahead without Neve Campbell, recasting for a different timeline would be a nice way of proceeding without requiring Sidney's presence. The same could be achieved by zooming forward in time with a whole new bunch of kids: a Jill & Kirby 2.0 kinda deal.

6. Cool Cameos

Randy? Tatum? Billy Loomis? If Scream 5 delves into the past, there's always the chance that we could see some old favorites reappear. I would legit punch the air with joy if Tatum got to be in the sequel after all...

What do you want to see happen in Scream 5?

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