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Steam has had a great few hits in the last few weeks with the arrival of SUPERHOT, a shooter in which time moves only when you do, and Stardew Valley, a game that essentially combines Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing. But its latest hit comes in the form of The Culling, a game that can really only be compared with Battle Royale and The Hunger Games.

The Hunger Games Arrives On Steam

The Culling was recently released to Steam Early Access, where its already managed to acquire a fairly decent following. The premise is relatively simple and familiar. You'll be dropped onto an island with 15 other players online. Your task is to eliminate as many opponents as possible. But ultimately, your mission is to survive and remain the last one standing.

The game features numerous ways for gamers to annihilate their opposition. You can wield a bow, a chainsaw, a knife, a sword, an axe, a bat, a stick, a rock, you can punch the hell out them, push your enemy off a cliff and even use some of the very rare guns on the island.

So, how does it work, where do you start and what do you have to do?

1. You're Naked

Okay, you're not ACTUALLY naked, this isn't Rust we're talking about here. But you emerge from a box (we don't know why) and see yourself on a beautiful island. All you have at the beginning are your fists and wits (or lack there of). But the chances of running into one of the other 15 players out there with you can be high, so you'll need to get yourself equipped.

2. So, Get Less Naked


In The Culling, you're bound to find sticks or rocks in your immediate vicinity. You can craft in this game — though it's wondrously illogical. For instance, if you rub two sticks together you can create a bandage; if your rub two rocks together you can make a knife... okay, game.

You can gradually craft more complicated weapons and improve the power and size of them too. However, you can also call in the occasional supply drop, which are awarded for kills. These drops may contain tasers, guns, grenades, or other more powerful forms of weaponry. But what then?

3. Fight, Fight, Fight, Fight!

Run, Forest! RUUUUN!
Run, Forest! RUUUUN!

When you come across one of the other survivors in The Culling, you'll need to make sure you're ready to fight. There are several fighting mechanics to be aware of. You can throw weapons at your enemies, like grenades or spears. You can block incoming attacks by holding a melee weapon up in front of you. You can push your enemy, thus breaking their defense stance. And finally, you can attack them.

All of this needs to be perfectly balanced if you're to survive on this hostile island. Now, the game is in early access, so it looks a bit rough around the edges and there are tons of bugs and glitches you're likely to encounter. But with a rating of 9/10 on Steam and plenty of engaged gamers online, this could be the early access title of your dreams. Check out the official trailer below!


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