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One of the most upsetting and controversial events in the Game of Thrones series, Jon Snow's death, has been in conversation since season 5's finale back in June of 2015. Everyone was debating as to whether or not he could have survived that mutiny until it was revealed by Kit Harington that Jon Snow is in fact dead. Even still, after this was stated fans refused to believe that Lord Snow was truly dead. With the newest promo for Game of Thrones Season 6, it's pretty clear that our favorite Brother of the Night's Watch is dead. But that doesn't mean he's gone.

Speculation has begun to run rampant about whether or not we actually saw Jon Snow's life-filled body (because his lifeless one is pretty clearly shown). Chances are, that's just hopeful thinking. But it's still nice to think of the possibilities as to how he may have survived being backstabbed. Well, I guess front-stabbed. Stomach-stabbed? Doesn't matter what to call it, he got stabbed.

After thinking about it for a little while, looking back to the books, and letting my own imagination get the best of me, I've discovered four possible ways that Jon Snow could be revived for Season 6.

1. Melisandre could revive him

This is the most talked about way to bring back Lord Snow. We know of one character in the show who has been revived using the power of the Lord of Light, and two in the book. But there is a catch to bringing someone back. When you die, you don't come back the same way (in the case of Catelyn, she comes back and changes her name to Lady Stoneheart). But there's even more to it than that.

In the books, Thoros of Myr (the Red Priest who brought Lord Beric Dondarrion back to life) revives Lady Catelyn Stark at the behest of Lord Dondarrion. However, when Thoros goes through the act of reviving Catelyn, it takes the life from Lord Dondarrion. Now, the basis behind this is that the Lord of Light chose Beric to continue on because he needed him for something. It's possible that that something was merely to find Lady Catelyn and revive her.

So if Melisandre were to revive Jon Snow, there's a chance that in doing so, she'd condemn Beric to death. Which wouldn't affect any fans and make them upset in any way. Alternatively, however, it could either condemn Lady Stoneheart. Or Lady Stoneheart could come about later and condemn Jon Snow. The showrunners could always opt not to the revive Catelyn and replace her with Jon Snow, but fans are asking for Stoneheart.

Likelihood of happening: 6/10

This is moderately likely. If they were to bring him back, this would be one of the easiest to explain as we've seen it happen once already. The main drawback is that if they were to bring him back this way, then Lady Stoneheart would most likely not come about. This is always possible as characters from the books have been replaced by existing characters (ie: Sansa in place of Jeyne Poole). But likely? Not so much.

2. He could warg as Ghost

Jon Snow (along with most of his other siblings) is a warg and has the ability to enter the mind of his direwolf and many other animals. Wargs are rather cool in that they can control their animals. But more than that, wargs are sort of immortal. Alright, lemme explain.

In the books there's a character named Varamyr Sixskins. Varamyr is a warg who brings six different animals around with him. He lives beyond the wall and was a trusted companion of Mance Rayder. Varamyr wasn't exactly a nice guy who used his warg abilities to kill his younger brother, sleep with several women, and ruin the last few moments of his mentor's life. As he lay dying, we learn that wargs can take on the form of one of their animals after their death.

If you're still confused, let me spell it out for you. Jon Snow is a warg. Warg's have a second life when their human form dies and they take on the form of one of their animals. Jon Snow has a second life when his human form dies and he takes on the form of Ghost.

Likelihood of happening: 2/10

This is probably the least likely of the four. First, Jon's warg side is severely toned down if at all brought to light. If he's never warged into Ghost, how could he have a second life in him? Second, Ghost was barely involved in the show to begin with. This was mainly because of the cost of the graphics used to make Ghost (I don't actually know this, I'm just assuming). Lastly, when Jon Snow died, his eyes didn't turn white as we know they're supposed to if he was warging at the time.

3. Flashbacks

This show hasn't had many flashbacks in the past, but with Bran's current situation it could be more likely to happen. When Bran arrived among the Children of the Forest at the end of Season 5, a lot was left unsaid. In the books, however, it was pretty clear what happens.

In the books, the three eyed raven shows Bran how to warg into other beings. Bran develops the ability to warg into ravens and fly around the world. He also gains the ability to warg into the heart trees of any Godswood (those big, relatively creepy weirwood trees) and look into the past, present, and debatably future.

With this ability, Bran's consciousness could return to winterfell and watch a younger Jon Snow interacting with a younger Robb Stark. Or watching Jon beyond the wall to figure out what to do with the world and how to help out. Or something along those lines.

Likelihood of Happening: 8/10

This is the most likely to happen of all the possibilities. It is the easiest to explain, even easier than Melisandre reviving Jon Snow. It's so easy to explain because there's nothing to explain. It's merely a flashback. It won't necessarily be reviving Jon Snow in any way, but it would account for Kit Harington's supposed presence on set.

4. He could become one of the undead

Hold back your anger and collective gasps. Hear me out.

Have you read the books? No? Well, any of your friends who read the books tell you about a character named Coldhands? No? Well, do I have a story to tell you.

In the books, Gilly and Sam return to Castle Black with the aid of a strange man clad in black and gray rags who hides his face and rides on the back of a stag. Along their journey back to Castle Black, they run into Bran, Hodor, Meera, and Jojen and send them to meet with the man. The man who has bright blue eyes and cold hands wrapped in gloves. The man doesn't give them a name and is called Coldhands.

Now, Coldhands is pretty obviously a sentient Wight (the undead army). He was also pretty obviously once a Man of the Night's Watch. Myself, and many other readers, believed Coldhands to be Benjen Stark, Jon's uncle. But, since Coldhands never came into play in Bran's journey to the Three-Eyed Raven, there's the chance that Jon Snow may become Coldhands. He may die and come back, but still be human, or at least in the mental and moral sense.

Likelihood of happening: 4/10

This one isn't terribly likely to happen as we've seen Jon Snow's lifeless body a few times during that promo above. But it's possible that lifeless body was moved for only a short time and that lifeless state doesn't last long. Possible, yes. Likely, not so much.

So there you have it. Four different ways that Jon Snow could return to Game of Thrones. What do you think, though?


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