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The American magical saga continues! Rowling has released the next installment of Wizarding history in North America, called 'Seventeenth Century And Beyond.' (If you missed 'Fourteenth Century — Seventeenth Century,' catch the recap here.)

Source: Pottermore
Source: Pottermore

Here are five new facts from today:

1. 'Scourers' = Wizarding Mercenaries

Far from the well-established Wizarding governments of Europe, Wizarding mercenaries known as 'Scourers' literally scoured the new continent, trafficking other witches and wizards and engaging in all sorts of general corruption.

2. Two Of The Judges At The Salem Witch Trials Were Scourers

Source: The Crucible
Source: The Crucible

3. America Has A Higher Percentage Of No-Maj Born Wizards And Witches, Since Most Pure-Blood Families Were Hesitant To Leave Europe After The Salem Witch Trials

This means that they don't tend to have that Malfoy-ish pure-blood obsession.

4. The Magical Congress Of The United States Of America Is 100 years Older Than The No-Maj Continental Congress


It's called MACUSA for short, and the first thing they did was put all those rotten Scourers on trial after the Salem Witch Trials.

5. Some Scourers Went Into Hiding To Avoid Punishment

Rowling says:

The vengeful Scourers, cast out from their people, passed on to their descendants an absolute conviction that magic was real, and the belief that witches and wizards ought to be exterminated wherever they were found.

Could the Scourers be making a resurgence in Fantastic Beasts??

Come back tomorrow for the recap of the next installment: 'Rappaport's Law.'

What was your favorite fact about magic in North America from 'Seventeenth Century And Beyond'?


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