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James Wood

A very weird and uncomfortable viewing experience. There’s not a lot of good I can say about this movie. I understand the story and can see why it would make for an interesting film but frankly, The Danish Girl is simply not my cup of tea and therefore left a big gaping void in my evening where I could've been watching anything else.

Eddie Redmayne plays Einar Wegener, who begins to feel his identity take a drastic change as he is drawn to women’s clothing, lingerie and the female form. His wife, Gerda Wegener, eggs him on, dressing him up and giving him a makeover, only to find him in the arms of another man shortly afterwards. With loose historical accuracy, Einar is one of the first known recipients of sex change surgery. He becomes Lily, with the help of his understanding wife.

Redmayne and Vikander are two very talented stars. However, the dynamic and chemistry between the two comes off more as best friends than married partners in the film. They feel like roommates just hanging out, having a bit of banter now and again, and one of them just happens to feel more comfortable as a woman. This is Vikander’s story and her film, she won the Oscar for best supporting actress though her role might as well be the main role, therefore leaving the whole affair feeling less interesting as the focus is on her and not the transition of Einar.

Redmayne continually pouts and rubs his body with women’s clothing and lingerie throughout the movie, and I fully understand his character is having second thoughts about his gender but Redmayne is creepy. I don’t think this is one of his good performances, he lacks charisma and whispers the majority of his dialogue to the point where he's being too precious, I feel he’s rather uninterested. The whole sweet and sensitive traits he portrays are just soppy.

I was very unimpressed with this film. The Oscar attention is unworthy and frankly, the performances are only good, with Vikander particularly showing more chops. Avoid this, it's a rather dull affair and lacks punch and the compelling drama that a tale like this requires. Rating: 4.9


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