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Rob Harris

March 10th has now been officially coined Mario Day because, well...Mar10. Born out of a calendarial coincidence too good to pass up, this day of celebration commemorates all that we love about our favorite red-hatted plumber.

And there's a whole lot to love, as shown by Mario's continued cross-continent popularity. The iconic Nintendo mascot originally appeared as 'Jumpman' in 1981's arcade release of Donkey Kong.

Later renamed, Mario has shown up in over 200 games since then, found in tennis stadiums and boxing rings alike!

In 2015 - a year that marked the 30th anniverssary of Super Mario Bros. - Nintendo passed Mario on to the fans, letting them unleash their creativity to create levels of their own in Super Mario Maker. Since its release, over 6.2 million levels have been made; a fact that's alone worthy of celebration.

In any case, all this goes to prove is that Mario now sits among the pop culture greats, alongside Homer Simpson and Darth Vader. Except neither of those second-rate icons have their own day dedicated to them.

Happy Mar10 Day, everybody!

How are you celebrating Mario 10 Day?


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