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It's that time of the year guys! It's Woman's Day (albeit a a few days late now). It is that day in the year totally dedicated to women and how awesome they can be (have you seen them handle heels?) And as the internet spreads the stories of world famous women like Marie Curie and Mother Theresa, we cannot forget the celebs that, unlike many in their place, continue to be amazing role models. Here are ten amazing woman who deserve our appreciation and not only through they acting and/or singing careers.

1) Emma Watson

Best known for her portrayal of one of the greatest young witches ever to be created, Hermione Granger, Emma Watson has inspired a whole generation of young girls to never give anything less then their best, no matter what people may say about you. Apart from being a role model on the screen, Watson is also an ideal role model in real life. In 2014 she was appointed UN Woman Goodwill Ambassador and silenced the world with one of the most truthful and deep speeches concerning gender equality ever.

2) Oprah Winfrey

We have all heard of Oprah and no matter what the gossip articles may say, she will always be known as one of the most influential woman on TV. Apart for entertainment, Winfrey uses her talk show to try and improve the well being of her viewers. Through all the hard work she has done, she will always be a positive effect on this world of ours.

3) Jennifer Lawrence

Best known for her portrayal of the Hunger Games champion, Katniss Everdeen, Jennifer Lawrence never fails to bring a smile to any tedious celebrity event. Voted one of the most influential celebrities in Hollywood, Lawrence brought about the issue of sexism in Hollywood when she was paid less then her male costars. Lawrence was just the voice the people needed to finally bring to the surface gender pay imbalance but, fortunately, it did lead to any uprising like in Mockingjay.

4) Angelina Jolie

Probably one of the most inspirational role-models ever to hit Hollywood, Angelina Jolie never fails to give to the world. Being a world known humanitarian as well as being an active voice on the topic of human rights, are one of the many reasons why Jolie is one of the list of best role models out there.

5) Shakira

Shakira may have a nice voice but she doesn't only use it to sing. Having founded the 'Barefoot Foundation' to aid the education of impoverished children, we can add Shakira to the list of celebrities trying to help. However, one of the most inspirational things Shakira every did was when she pursued her dream to achieve a degree in world history. Shakira actually went through the hassle of enrolling under the name 'Isabelle' and dressing as a boy so people didn't recognize her just so she could complete the 6 week course. The moral of the story? Do whatever you can to achieve your dreams.

6) Sandra Bullock

Voted People magazine's 'Woman of the Year' in 2010, she might not be the keen activists like many other celebs but she deserves a place on the list after seeing the way she handled her husband's affair. Most woman would have screamed and cried but Bullock was strong and proud and didn't let the scandal define her or her actions.

7) Natalie Portman

We all know about Natalie Portman and many of the strong female characters she's played, but did you know that, before becoming an actress, she was scientist and helped co-author two scientific journals? A true scientist at heart, Portman proves that you can be both smart and a Hollywood star.

8) Ellen DeGeneres

Everyone loves Ellen DeGeneres, her humor and sheer amazingness never fails to entertain and astonish audiences. But Ellen is more then just the face of comedy, as a vegan she enforces the idea of 'Meatless Mondays' in the hope giving a voice to our four-legged companions. On her website, Ellen also promotes animals which are in need of a good and loving family.

9) Demi Lovato

Everyone has their demons, but not many individuals could overcome them and also work to help others overcome their own. Demi Lovato is one such celebrity. Having suffered from bullying, depression and anorexia, she has risen above this and now helps others with what she's learnt from her own hardships.

10) Dakota Fenning

Being the youngest actress to ever be nominated for a Screen Actors Guild Award you might think that she might have jumped into her acting career full swing. But, she never let her success get to her head. Having refused many notable leading roles until she finished high school, you may say that, unlike Hermione, she had her priorities sorted out.

These women are truly inspirational. They followed their dreams and, even as they rose to join the stars, they continue to inspire the generation with their amazing feats and achievements. Whether it be through charity work or pursuing their dreams or even rising above what people believe them to be. I believe that these 10 women have strong and powerful messages not only for woman but for men, boys and girls of all ages.


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