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We might not be getting any more trailers for Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, but that's not stopping Warner Bros. and DC from maintaining excitement in other, more inventive ways.

Today, the official website for LexCorp launched, and Lex Luthor's esteemed company is looking for help advancing its "first neural network based operating system."

I did a quick test on the site to see what it looks like and whether or not it's hiding any clues. Here's how that turned out.

You're Greeted With An Official-Looking Login Page

Despite testing a few usernames and passwords, like "hair2daygone2morrow," I was forced to enter using Guest Beta Access.

An Introduction Screen Explains The Site's Intentions

But something tells me that this technology is going to be used for much more insidious purposes than just human advancement.

The Beta Tests Are A Series Of Matching Games

I'm pretty ashamed to admit how long it took me to figure out what this was actually looking for, but once it dawned on me how simple these games are, I realized that each round is a different iteration of the same concept.

After Working My Way Through Several Tests, I Reached A Roadblock

There were no more tests to complete! Yet my progress only got me 22 percent of the way through until I gained enough security clearance to get to the good stuff.

Based on my quick little trial run, it seems that leveling up your access is key to reaching the files at the bottom of the screen. Trying to reach them at this stage gave me a big, fat denial.

Sadly, Level 2 was not considered important enough to access any data, but the site assures that future challenges will be available if you check back regularly.

At this point, I'm feeling a little shafted that I couldn't uncover more, but I'm hoping more astute DC fans will be able to uncover some hidden messages in LexCorp's site. Were you guys able to extract any clues about Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice from the site?

(Source: Lex-OS)


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