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Ever watched a film or series and ever wondered what in the world they are eating? I know I do every time I watch Harry Potter. I would watch and wonder how pumpkin pasties would taste. If you were to catch a chocolate frog, would it be good? Or maybe, have you ever wanted to make a themed party but were unable to come up with totally awesome but edible food stuffs to go with the theme? Well, Rosanna Pansino has solved quite a few of these problems. Having started a YouTube channel known as Nerdy Nummies a few years ago, Pansino brought to reality not only many of the foods we once thought to be fictional but also created some of the geekiest treats you'll ever find.

Don't believe me? Here a few of my favorites:

Jack Skellington Cheese Ball

Planning a totally awesome halloween party? (Well, Christmas might be okay, too — I think.) Well, it wouldn't be a "creepy" party without Mr. Jack Skellington himself. Also, the amazingness of this goofy skeleton in the form of a giant cheeseball is just right for any occasion.

Superhero Burgers

We are all superheroes at heart so why shouldn't we eat super-burgers? I don't know about you, but the idea of eating a burger with the Superman emblem is a rather appealing one, if you like cheese in you burgers that is.

Pokeball Cake Pops

You know how Ash just has to catch 'em all? Well, now you can make them (and eat them) all! These Poke-ball cake pops look both amazing and taste delicious and are just the thing you'd need while you're catching up on the latest episodes.

Jurassic Park Amber Lollipop

The amber-covered fossils in the film were already pretty awesome, but to turn them into edible lollipops, each with their own little treat hidden within? The idea is just mouthwatering.

Chronicles Of Narnia Turkish Delight

No need to travel to Narnia to try the the Ice Queen's turkish delight. With a few handy ingredients you no longer will need a wardrobe to feast like a royal.

Zelda Triforce Lemon Bars

Saving princesses does build up quite an appetite and these lemon bars are what any eager gamer needs to re-energize and continue adventuring alongside Link.

Golden Snitch Caramel Apple Cider

Along with the classic Harry Potter treats, Rosina also created her own magically inspired sweets. These apple cider golden Snitches are one such creation. They look so amazing they must surely be a thing of magic.

Super Mario Mushroom Popsicles

These mushrooms might not make you grow like they do Mario, but they'd still make an amazing snack on hot summer days.

Spider-Man Candy Apples

Are my spidey senses tingling? No matter the occasion, these candied apples would be perfect. It's almost a pity to eat them, they are so gorgeous. Almost.

Gingerbread Tardis

Although I cannot guarantee it's bigger on the inside, I think even the Doctor himself would be proud of this gingerbread Tardis. This is just what any fan needs to have the geekiest celebration ever.

So, no matter your passion, whether it be geeky or nerdy, Rosanna Pansino has a recipe for you! Grab your apron and fancy chef's hat, I think it's about time we start cooking.


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