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Let's start off by saying, yes, we get to see this Spider-man. Though, I find It would have been better to keep Black Panther at bay, but that wouldn't have given us that great trailer we've been given. It could be possible that Spiderman will be coming to into fruition after the release of this new trailer. Which is rumored to be dropping tomorrow by ComicBookMovie. Here's a bit of what they mentioned.

Tomorrow's Captain America: Civil War trailer will indeed feature an appearance from Spider-Man. While it's not clear whether he'll be suited up alongside Team Iron Man or if Marvel are just going to tease us with an appearance from Peter Parker, it definitely sounds like they have a plan in place to steal the spotlight from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Being that Batman v Superman is only weeks away, this wouldn't hurt them. Their advertising has already set them at a 500%. In the end, they are all going along with their comic rivalry. Plot-wise being to achieve more attraction. Smart. It worked.

The [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409) trailer is hitting tomorrow. This could mean more posters. More advertising of the wall climber. More Civil War, in general. Those Civil War posters are scattered across twitter. Then I saw the one of Spidey.

Which, I'm not sure was real or not. Either way, it is amazing. Then there are the Black Panther photo's in and out of costume.

Here are the clips of the heroes, shifting in and out of costume. The tone is different. Maybe Marvel/Disney will take that risk.

Too much of a great thing here. Maybe it's time to take a side. Civiil War will begin on May 6th. Pick a side. Stand United. Or Fall divided.


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