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Thanks for stopping by, and welcome to Now that you're here, we can talk about what you can expect from the new platform, and all the amazing things you can be a part of. is Movie Pilot's new publishing platform, the place where your content comes to life. When you publish articles on, they will immediately be visible and sharable on your profile. We’ll take care of curating the best content and sharing it with millions of fans on Movie Pilot and on social media. We're also developing new verticals, such as Champions (sports) and Now Loading (gaming), so you can create content around more of the entertainment topics you're passionate about.

With, it's not just about movies anymore; there are so many possibilities to find an audience for your articles.

Other than the new home for your articles and the best tools in publishing, we've worked on new ways to help you grow an audience online and hone your voice, to truly build a brand around your content. Let's break down how we'll get you there:

Connecting you to the Creator network

Now you can find and connect with other creators and discover new fans without ever having to leave the site. Looking for fellow lovers of anime? Create a private group and add them to the chat! Want a little help with your latest article? Chat to your Community Team using the 'Support' channel. Just want to geek out about Star Wars? Start the conversation in the 'Welcome' channel. You can send private messages (or speak in GIFs, if you prefer!) to the Community Team and your fellow creators! The chat tool is there for you to build a network and geek out about what you love. So go ahead and chat to us!

Growing Your Audience

We want to help you reach the people who share your passion: we're here to bring the audience to your content. To help you build essential blogging skills, we're running MoviepilotU, our 6 week course designed to help you navigate writing successfully for an online audience. And if you want the cliff notes version, we have a crash course guide that's available to all our creators. Whatever your goals, we've got the tools to help you reach them.

Building your brand

Your content is your brand, and it's something you should feel proud of. If you're invested in taking your writing to the next level, our team will work with you to build an online presence and become an influencer in your field or topic. Looking to further develop a visual style for your brand, or just need help defining your niche? We'll work closely with you to get you to that next level.

Making a Living

Everyone wants to make money doing what they love. is here to help make that possible. You can apply to become a Verified Creator and start earning a revenue share for your content. We’ll give you all the resources you need to focus on what you do best - creating awesome content that deserves to be shared with the world.

First Step to Success: Start Writing!

Join our Creator network today and start writing about what you love. Our job is to make sure your experience is the best it can be, and to remove all the obstacles getting in the way of you and your writing. So create something new today, and be a part of a community that will give back what you put in.

What are you waiting for? Take the first step..


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