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Denix Lopez

Batman VS Superman will be releasing march 25 and Lex Luthor will obviously be appearing in the film. There have been toy releases for the movie like Batman and Superman as we would all know. There was one set of figures that caught my attention that made me think about Lex Luthor.

Does this mean Lex will fight someone?

This set of 6 characters show that we have Aquaman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, and a armored Lex Luthor! This armored Lex Luthor could mean that we will see him battle at some point in the movie whether it be against Superman, Batman, or Wonder Woman. This of course is simply just speculation, this could just be simply an extra figure but I am hoping that it means that we are gonna see Luthor in action against Batman or Superman. This would be amazing to see within the movie and would be a nice surprise for us movie lovers.

Let me know what you think about this theory!

let me know what you guys thought about my theory and what you guys think about that! Check out the latest Batman VS Superman trailer!


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