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Vitmor Steinfeld

This past week "Captain America: Civil War" is been everywhere, with new photos coming out and the press visits. We now know that this IS a Captain America movie and not some kind of Avengers film, and that this will be Captain America's final film.

The new characters from this movie and the new ones from Age of Ultron will be explored more deeply.

I just hope that Scarlet Witch manages to control Vision's mind (if he has one to control) and destroy's Iron Man's team . . .

. . . oh sorry . . . I drifted.

Latino Review, revealed that tomorrow there will be a new trailer AND they say it's a "payoff" trailer at Marveland it will "heavily" show Spider-man.

There's no confirmation, we just have to wait and see.

And if he doesn't . . .well . . .

. . . someone's gonna get hurt.

Either way the trailer is going to be awesome for sure so let's just wait and after we see it we will, or at least I will, be like:

Have a nice trailer, and comment below what you thought of it.


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