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Grab your tissues! Netflix has crashed!

The world must be ending! Netflix is down. Everyone this evening went into panic when an error message shot onto their screens despite being in the middle of a show. (The Big Bang Theory in my case). At first people thought to believe that their internet was playing up. Like me. But when they checked their Twitter feed, they realised it's happening across the world. What are they doing to us?! Of course Twitter isn't happy at all!

Tweets flew in. These are just a few. Many people were furious that they were cut off in the middle of their show. Whether it was House of Cards or Orange is the new Black. People sat on their sofas/beds twiddling their thumbs thinking what next. Amazon Prime? BBC iPlayer? Or just sit around awkwardly waiting for the favourite Netflix to be revived.

The majority of the world now has access to Netflix again which makes us all happy. Now Netflix know exactly what to do if they ever want to panic the world again. Be alert people!

It was as if we were in Springfield and a big dome was placed above us and cutting some of us off! Doh!


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