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It's recently been reported that Sarah Michelle-Gellar has gone brunette to reprise her role as Kathryn Merteuil in the NCB television series pilot for Cruel Intentions. However, this "reboot" is not an adaptation of the original film, but a sequel to the story with a new protagonist.

The NBC pilot will focus on the love child of Annette Hargrove and Sebastian Valmont, Bash Casey (portrayed by newcomer John Taylor Smith), and how he deals with the intrigues and setups perpetrated by his aunt Kathryn. Even though this does sound quite interesting, let’s take a moment to imagine that the reboot is actually a new version of the classic Cruel Intentions. Who would be the perfect cast for that film? Let's take a look at my dream cast!

Kathryn Merteuil – Ashley Benson

Currently starring in Pretty Little Liars, Ashley would make for a great Kathryn. She has the tempting and seductive gaze that is needed for the role, and no one will be able to resist to her charms; that is unless you are equally gorgeous and manipulative. Exactly the kind of character Sebastian has to be.

Sebastian Valmont – Ansel Elgort

Ansel is one of youg Hollywood hotterst commodities not only because he is a good actor, but because he is incredibly handsome; he can make you fall in love with him with just a simple look. He would make for a great Sebastian because of his ability to portray equal levels of manipulation and vulnerability. The woman he falls in love with has to be equally vulnerable but strong.

Annette Hargrove – Hailee Standfield

The young star is very capable of handling powerful emotions, such as she did in the adaptation of Romeo and Juliet. This will be a more mature role for Hailee, but she will handle it perfectly with her range of emotions. In addition I think that Ansel and Hailee make an adorable couple.

Cecile Caldwell – Emily Ratajkowski

The character of Cecile is someone that at first I hated in the film, but as the movie progresses I think that her innocence made her the perfect victim for Sebastian and Kathryn’s cruel games. I think newcomer Emily Ratajkowski would be perfect for the role just as Selma Blair was in 1999.

Ronald Clifford – Miles Teller

Miles Teller is a capable actor; he’s smart and can portray vulnerability as well as goofiness. I think that as a character Roland was someone who was supposed to be smart, but fell victim to seduction and manipulation. Miles can portray a smart guy, but it will be believable for him to fall victim to Kathryn’s games. I’m sure that I will hate him by the end of the movie just as much as I hated the original Roland for killing Sebastian.

That’s my perfect casting for a reboot of the original instant classic that was Cruel Intentions. I know many of these young actors are already familiar faces but it would be very interesting to see them taking another role a little different from what they’ve done in the past.

What would be your perfect casting? Sound off in the comments!


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