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Suicide Squad's David Ayer is set to director a film starring the ever-talented Will Smith and Joel Edgerton. And it looks as if Netflix is looking to really get into the "biz," thanks to its biggest movie deal yet.

During a huge bidding war for Bright, Netflix was the clear winner in negotiations. The script was written by Chronicle and American Ultra's Max Landis. But it has not yet been fully set in stone for Netflix. Not quite yet.

Bright tells the story of a world where magical creatures live alongside humans. The police force has a department in charge of handling magic-related crimes, which means that human cop (Smith) is forced to work with an Orc (Edgerton). The two set out to look for a magical wand; a wand so powerful that many are prepared to kill for it.

Netflix has been attempting to make the climb into big-time film, including its move with Beasts Of No Nation starring Idris Elba, which didn't do quite as well as expected during this year's Oscars. With actors like Smith and Edgerton and a director like Ayer, Netflix can really take the next step into making a name for itself in the industry.

Bright's budget is around $80-$100 million and requires a tight production commitment. Another studio even offered $55 million, but this sum was rejected.

Much like a proud parent, I am so glad and impressed with Netflix's progression. I remember when it first started, and it's mind-blowing to see just how far the service has come.

Congratulations, Netflix!

[Source: The Hollywood Reporter]


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