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The Magic School Bus was a popular animated television show that aired back in the '90s from 1994 to 1997. The show was popular for teaching kids certain subjects about nature, space and the body in a fun and interesting way. The children and their teacher were able to use their magic school bus to fly into space, shrink to enter someone's body, control the weather and so many other amazing things.

However, you might be interested to find out that some very famous actors and actresses lent their voices to this popular show. Maybe one of your favorite actors is in the list below, check it out and see for yourself.

1. Tyne Daly as Dr. Tennelli

Tyne Daly was known for her defining role as Mary Beth Lacey on the popular cop show Cagney & Lacey. The show was very popular for being the first cop television show to star two leading ladies and that was a pretty big deal back in the '80s.

But you might be more interested to know that she provided the voice for Ralphie's mother who cared for him when he was sick from school. Pretty cool that a tough police lady guest-starred on a kids' educational cartoon.

2. Dom Deluise as the Baker

Dom Deluise can be remember for his early roles in Blazing Saddles, Silent Movie and most of Don Bluth's early animated features. However, in the episode where the kids try to bake a cake for Ms. Frizzle's birthday, they have to stay out of sight of a certain baker who's trying to get through his day to day job. That baker was voiced by Dom himself.

Sadly, Dom Deluise passed away back in 2009, but he will always be remembered for his iconic work on both film and TV.

3. Carol Channing as Cornelia C. Contralto II

If you have no idea who Carol Channing is, don't worry because I'm sure your parents or grandparents know who she is. She was mostly known for her early film and musical career from the '60s and '70s. The funny thing is though, she has such a noticeable raspy voice that it's hard not to notice her as the spooky Cornelia C. Contralto.

You might remember this character from the episode where the children learn about sound and vibrations in the "haunted" house. But I think we should be more worried about the fact that ghosts exist in the Magic School Bus universe.

4. Edward James Olmos as Mr. Ramon

Most sci-fi geeks will be able to recognize Edward James Olmos as Admiral William Adama from Battlestar Galactica. What you might not know is that he provided the voice of Carlos's father from the episode where the kids learn about bats. What a small role for such an iconic actor.

5. Sherman Hemsley as Mr. Junkit

Sherman Hemsley will always be remembered for his role as George Jefferson from the classic sitcoms All In The Family and The Jeffersons. What you might not know is that he also voiced the cynical and very incompetent mechanic Mr. Junkit, who wanted to junk the Magic School Bus. He was probably the most evil character on the show — aside from Janet.

Sadly, Sherman Hemsley passed away back in 2012, but he will always be remembered for his iconic work back in the golden age of television.

6. Jessica Walter as Ashlee Walker

Most TV junkies today might recognize Jessica Walter's voice from Archer as Sterling's surly, bossy mother and as another questionable mother from the popular Arrested Development. However, you might be surprised to find out that she also played rock enthusiast Ashlee Walker. Big difference between animated shows for this actress.

7. Dolly Parton as Katrina Eloise 'Murph' Murphy

Parents might remember Dolly Parton as a singing sensation back in the '70s and '80s while teens might remember her guest-starring on Hannah Montana and wondering, "Why is that grandma kind of hot." However, you might not have noticed that she lent her iconic singing voice in the Christmas special episode where the kids learn about recycling. The more you know.

8. Tony Randall as Radius Ulna 'R.U.' Humerus

Tony Randall is a classic TV actor known for his role as the neat freak Felix Unger from the Odd Couple. However, it's pretty cool to learn that this actor lent his voice to the eccentric mechanic who tries to fix the school bus. Oh, and he also does maintenance for alien spaceships — and no, none of the kids are blown away by this for some reason.

9. Malcolm McDowell as Mr. McClean

You wouldn't think an actor who starred in A Clockwork Orange would be guest-starring on a kids' educational show, but you'd be wrong. In the episode where the kids learn how computers and programming works, they are met by their school's janitor named Mr. McClean — a little on the nose, right? He was voiced by none other than Malcolm McDowell, who's filmography stretches all the way back to the '70s. Guess you just never know who is voicing your favorite cartoons.

Did I miss any? Were you surprised to learn any of these? Leave a comment below.


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