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Nathaniel Rego

In the upcoming movie Power Rangers which wont be in theaters until 2017; 2 universal war lords named Rita (Elizabeth Banks) and Lord Zed (Benedict Cumberbach) rise to power again to destroy Earth forcing its guardian Zordon to summon and recruit 6 teens transforming them into super hero like ninjas known as Power Rangers.

Elizabeth Banks from the Hunger Games movies and Benedict Cumberbach from Star Trek, The Hobbit, South Park, and The Imitation Game have each been cast the film's main villains Rita and Lord Zed.

Lord Zed and Rita shall unleash an army of bird like warriors called Tengus alongside Putties, putty based warriors, with a squadron of monsters to aid them in destroying the world. However, the rangers will be ready for anything they throw at them.

Benedict Cumberbach and Elizabeth Banks threaten the world as Lord Zed and Rita in Power Rangers, in theaters March 2017.


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